So this may sound dumb but..

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...being someone who never did get around to playing this back in the day I'm confused as to where to start. When you click new game it has two options what are the differences here? Any of you shadow warrior vets can help me out? @shagge

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If I'm seeing what you're looking at correctly from a video on youtube, one version represents the levels that were distributed as shareware adn the other represents the levels that were packaged with the full game.

Back in the day, Wolfenstein, Doom, etc., where distributed as shareware. The first mission was typically given away and the rest of the levels could be purchased.

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@jazgalaxy: Oh, I get the share ware business but but both options start you at entirely different levels.

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First option should be just the normal game and the second option is like extra levels.

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Well, the first option is the shareware mission. The second option is the unlocked full game mission. Wolfenstein had like 8 or something. Doom had 3. Quake had 4. Etc.

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