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The keep once belonged to Baron Silverlaine who, since his death, has haunted the banquet room of the keep.  When Baron Silverlaine died, Archmage Arugal made the keep his own and filled it with his worgen "pets."  With the changes that came with Cataclysm, the Horde defeated Arugal, leaving the keep abandoned.  Soon after, Lord Godfrey took up residence in the keep.  At this point, Godfrey is considered a traitor to both the Worgen and the Forsaken, and his only companions in the keep are some of his own lackeys, and the undead whose ghosts continue to haunt Shadowfang Keep. 

Denizens and Strategies

Shadowfang Keep currently consists of five bosses: 

Baron Ashbury

Replacing Rethilgore the Cellkeeper as the first boss of the instance, Baron Ashbury sided with Lord Godfrey as seen during the Worgen starting quests.  However, he became a Forsaken when Sylvanas' invaded Gilneas.   He currently stand with neither Gilneas or the Forsaken, instead reverting to a lackey for Lord Godfrey.  Baron Ashbury's main ability to watch for (both normal and heroic) is Asphyxiate, which brings everyone in the group down to one hitpoint.  This, combined with other abilities, can easily wipe groups, and even wipe a level 80 soloing normal difficulty. 

Baron Silverlaine 

Baron Silverlaine is still in the same spot as he was pre-Cataclysm, but with the removal of Razorclaw the Butcher, Baron Silverlaine is now the second boss of the instance.  His abilities have been changed, and his new trick is Summon Worgen Spirit.  This will summon one of the pre-Cataclysm bosses that are no longer found in the dungeon - Rethilgore the Cellkeeper, Razorclaw the Butcher, Odo the Blindwatcher, and Wolf Master Nandos.  Thus, the fight becomes a battle between the group and two bosses. 

Commander Springvale 

Commander Springvale remains in his pre-Cataclysm spot to become the third boss in this instance.  Although it appears to be the same, even this part of the instance has received some changes.  The Wailing Guardsmen no longer appear to silence, or, if they do, it is unnoticeable.  Commander Springvale looks the same as he did before Cataclysm, but is, in fact, a death knight now.  Springvale's main ability to be wary of is Desecration, which looks much like a death knight ground AoE, so should be very visible to the entire group.  Players should move out of this immediately. 

Lord Walden 

Walden is yet another of Godfrey's lackeys, and is now the fourth boss in this instance, taking his place in the room that previously had the voidwalkers.  Like Ashbury, Walden became a Forsaken after the invasion, but shows no love for the Forsaken.  Lord Walden appears to be an alchemist, as many of his abilities are "potion"-based.  Normal mode is fairly simple, just needing to avoid ice shards and stay at Walden's back as much as possible.  Heroic mode is slightly more challenging.  A green mixture on a player is a dot which increases in stack size for every moment the player remains stationary.  Much like the Keristraza fight, players should move to wipe the stacks of green mixture.  Red mixture is the opposite and increases the stack whenever the player moves. 

Lord Godfrey 

The final boss of the instance is Lord Godfrey.  During the Worgen questline, Lord Godfrey committed suicide, rather than be ruled by Genn Greymane, who also became a worgen.  Sylvanas instead used Godfrey for her own, raising him as a Forsaken and "obtaining" his assistance for the invasion of Gilneas.  After he finished assisting Sylvanas, he retired to Shadowfang Keep, claiming it for his own.  Godfrey's two main abilities are Summon Bloodthirsty Ghouls, and Pistol Barrage, which is usually cast immediately after.  The summoned ghouls can be a nuisance and more if not taken care of immediately, but many can be killed with Godfrey's own Pistol Barrage.  Pistol Barrage is a cone shaped AoE and can be easily avoided by the group.

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