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In Shadowfire, billed as "the world's first-ever icon-driven adventure", you take control of Enigma Force, a disparate group of six mercenaries, warriors and droids. Your mission is to rescue a captured ambassador aboard skyfortress Zoff V, who is carrying hidden plans for a new type of starship, the Shadowfire. You have 100 minutes to rescue the ambassador and escape the fortress.

Unusually, the game was released on cassette with the C64 version on one side and the ZX Spectrum version on the other.


The game is an adventure with some action and role-playing elements. Locations are depicted on a top-down map along with nearby locations, NPCs and items. All actions, items and characters in the game are displayed as icons and selected using a cursor controlled by joystick, lightpen or keyboard.

Each of the six members of Enigma Force can be controlled and moved independently, and each has differing stats (such as strength, stamina, and carrying capacity) and unique skills. Characters may attack and be attacked by guards and other NPCs as they move around the fortress, and require weapons to defend themselves.

The player has 100 (real-time) minutes to locate and teleport the ambassador to safety.

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