First gameplay footage from Shadowrun Returns

#1 Posted by TekZero (2705 posts) -

For everyone that helped with the kickstarter, I'm sure you'll be interested in this 20 minute gameplay video.

I just recently played through the SNES and the Genesis versions of Shadowrun and I can't wait for this game to be released. So far, it looks pretty good. I just wanted to share it with you guys.

#2 Posted by jozzy (2035 posts) -

Wow, that looks really really awesome. I didn't back it but if this "vertical slice" (yes i went there) is any indication for the quality of the game at release I will be all over this one.

#3 Edited by crusader8463 (14441 posts) -

I didn't back it ether as I have no history with the series, but after watching that on youtube it looks like a game I'm going to enjoy very much.

#4 Posted by mtcantor (956 posts) -

This makes me so happy. So glad I was a backer.

Also, the Sega Shadowrun was the best.

#6 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2505 posts) -

I didn't even know about this until I saw an article about the alpha footage posted on a different site. Super excited about it, wish I had backed it, but it's only $15 right now anyway, so not a huge deal.

#7 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (505 posts) -

Loved the Snes original and am really interested to see what these guys can come up with. Looks good so far!

#8 Edited by HH (728 posts) -

awesome. solid looking turn based rpg, faithful to the pen and paper, say no more, I'm in.

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Really into this games style.

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