Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter

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Hello everyone. I think that this game needs some attention since the last Shadowrun wasn't very good. This game is going back to what make the series good from the Super Nintendo and Genesis games. I would say pledge to this game if you're a fan of this franchise. I've played a little of the Super Nintendo game and can't wait for this one.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter Page:

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What was the Genesis game like? What style of game was it?

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Old news, threads already exist about this, search in future.

p.s The last Shadowrun was amazing.

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Not to be an ass but this is probably the fifth thread about this, including three the first day of the Kickstarter.

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I appreciate the link. Thanks McBonJon. Please don't mind the ass-hattery. Some spend more time here than others.

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Here's another update on the Kickstarter. $125 pledge has been added which includes all the previous goodies announced along with a DELUXE BOX EDITION which includes:

  • The game on a disc
  • Soundtrack disc
  • Mini-Poster
  • Shadowrun Returns USB Dog Tag (digital copy of the game, soundtrack, and more?)
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...and now they've annouced that the composers for the SNES and Mega Drive/Genisis console games, Marshall Parker and Sam Powell respectively, have come aboard to jointly work on the soundtrack for the new game. Loved the music on the SNES version, so I'm really impressed they went through the trouble.

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