Are there any other games like this?

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For some reason I remembered Shadowrun existed today, and then I remembered how much fun I had playing it despite all the criticism it has received always.

Although Shadowrun was really sparse on content, I found the character building aspect to be really fun and unique, and something I haven't seen in many shooters since. Race, abilities, and weapons all had different benefits and disadvantages and it possible to create dozens of character classes that played nothing alike. The magical-technology bent also added a lot of neat flavor to the power and made for some unique skills like summoning fields of crystals or making a mother fucking healing tree.

It definitely had its flaws, but Shadowrun had a lot of good ideas behind it and I haven't seen anyone iterate on it since. The most customization you ever get in most shooters is weapon loadout and maybe one or two pretty dull abilities like "More Damage" or "You Have an Energy Shield or Something".

The closest recent release I've played to this has been Tribes: Ascend, but Hi-rez has basically left it to die so they can make their dumb 3rd person moba. Are there any newer games like this or do I have to go scrounge around old ass PC games to finding anything similar.

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How about last year's Syndicate? Not only is it similar in that it's a sci-fi FPS with stat point customization and various abilities (spells) you can use, but it's also a shooter reboot of a long dead, yet beloved 90's tactical RPG!

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Maybe TF2 or Warframe?

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Maybe TF2 or Warframe?

TF2 just ain't really the same. There are a lot of ridiculous weapons for each of the classes, but they're all restricted to those specific classes. This is the same reason Tribes just didn't scratch that same itch.

In Shadowrun you COULD put a big ass minigun on an Elf. It's probably not the best idea and you're not going to be as mobile as an elf with a lighter weapon or as efficent as a troll with the same weapon, but the option was there and if you could find a niche case for using a certain ability or a certain weapon you could take over a game and do some really insane shit.

I don't know that much about Warframe, I'll have to check it out.

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Parasite Eve for the PlayStation is pretty close to Shadow Run in game play mechanics...take a look.

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I'm really surprised there was never a mod for Counter-Strike. Certain upgrades like seeing through walls or teleporting shouldn't be too big of a hassle, but stuff like the strangle or summon upgrades could take some time. It'd be fun to have all the Shadowrun upgrades and more. Maps wouldn't be all too hard to recreate either.

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Man I loved this game on 360. I really wish it had been successful.

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Man, you make me recall how much fun I had with that game. Warping through walls, setting up rejuvenation trees, and running around like a maniac with a melee weapon. It's a shame that game wasn't more popular :./

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Brink is the most similar thing I've played, and if it wasn't marketed as something much more it'd be regarded as the decent game it actually is.

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