I accidentally bought this for PC......

#1 Posted by Karn (714 posts) -

...and I don't have Vista or Windows 7. I bought it thinking: "OH YEAH! I REMEMBER THAT GAME." When I got home I turned the cover to check how much space it would need on my hd when I saw "REQUIRES WINDOWS VISTA".
I hate myself.
So I can't do anything with it now. I know there were cracks out for it (before you baww about 'warez', it was for both nasty pirates and legit owners too) and there was a company that was developing software to have DirectX10 on XP. Is there any way to play it on XP now?

#2 Posted by MattDementous (113 posts) -

Actually, it will work on XP even if you have DirectX 9. I used to play it all the time. The XP Crack is legit as long as you own the game legally :P

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