Shadowrun available for .99c or 80 MSP from

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Much like their Age of Empires III sale for .99 cents or 80 MSP, Games for Windows is offering Shadowrun for the same price. EDIT: It's a daily deal, so it'll last until the end of today and there'll probably be another really cheap sale tomorrow. If you're interested you can get it from the application or from the store at

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thanks for heads up

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To be clear it will last for the rest of today and another .99 cent deal will start tomorrow. It's all week I think.
Also, I hope people pick it up. I'm probably in the minority of people that actually picked up the PC version on release and had a lot of fun for a while. Might be fun to get back in it.

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I am tempted but I know I won't play it. But still...

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Exactly what that game's worth, ZING.

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If I can get that piece of shit client to work I'll get it for sure.
Edit:  Yep, piece of shit is not working.
Gonna try it on my housemates pc

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THERE. I bought it. Are you happy?

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They've also got Fable TLC for £5 which I would recommend picking up.

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