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Average online FPS

Back in the day Shadowrun used to be a side scrolling RPG on the SNES. Today (crushing many fans dreams) FASA studios has turned the concept of magic returning to the world into a Online only FPS. This is at first a great idea, promoting XBL and getting more people into online gaming. The downside is that it leaves the game with absolutely no depth or substance.

The gameplay in Shadowrun is surprisingly outstanding. You start each game with a certain amount of money which you can use to buy magic, tech or guns. You then go out into some decent game maps and either kill the other team or play a game mode similar to capture the flag. From killing other dudes or winning each round you will gain more money which you can use to buy more expensive weapons, magic or tech or just more of it. It would be a really cool idea if it hadn't been copied from Counter Strike. That aside it does make for some very cool FPS action. Guys teleporting through walls shooting each other, people flying from gliders with snipers, making deadly crystal traps and gusting each other off buildings. It does all sound very cool and is for the most part but it does get slightly repetitive.

Shadowrun has four main character classes that you can play as Humans, Trolls, Elves and Dwaves. Each of them has their own different abilities, for example Humans are good at tech but aren't so good with magic unlike Elves which is the opposite. Trolls are slow but can take huge amounts of damage and Dwaves are kinda all rounders but they drain magic when near other enemies. They are all quite different but thankfully are well balanced.

Shadowrun looks pretty good for a 360 game, it's no Gears, but has very nice effects on the magic. The downside to this is the animations. They are terrible. The characters just float up ladders, they look like they slide along the floor and some of them move oddly. Though this doesn't really effect the game it hinders the presentation and come on, this is 2007, everyone should get a ladder animation.

In all honesty the target audience for this game are not going to care about the graphics or story, but other people like might to know why these two sides are fighting. Well since it is an online game you will never actually find out. You can read the manual to find out a small back story but nothing actually interesting. What will keep you playing Shadowrun for long periods of time is that the core game is actually fun. It is just hindered by the fact it should be a download game at 2500 microsoft points. The reason I say this is because it just doesn't have enough in it to be a full title. There are only two game modes a handful of maps which 4 of the smaller versions of the big ones. To me this isn't enough to be a full $60 game.

People who enjoy intense online battles will enjoy Shadowrun for some period of time. Whether they find it boring eventually really depends on how much you like it after you've played it for a few hours. It is a very hardcore type game, no single player and only online. If it had single player it would gain a much higher score because of the cool mechanics within. However it doesn't. If you love online FPS's and need an interesting new twist, try this, if you don't you might not want to play it. This may have seemed like a negative review but Shadowrun is an OK game, just hard to get into.

Posted by Kholdstare

Ladder animations would not work in a game like this as it would directly effect the gameplay. I don't believe it's possible to make a convincing animation of someone climbing a ladder and at the same time still having complete control of their character. In the current build you can look in every direction, use any weapon, and use magic and tech... these things wouldn't work if you have a canned climbing animation.

Posted by SheiK

Agreed with the above. For a competitive shooter, you need the flexibility of anywhere anytime. I can't really think of one that would do the job right besides the one that is used here...Rainbow Six's would definitely not work :p

And you're right how it's not a full $60 game.

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