Am i skipping chapters by accident?

#1 Posted by sagesebas (2236 posts) -

I read somewhere that there are 5 acts with 5 chapters each. I just beat 3-4 and it took me straight to 4-1 am i missing parts? Id really like to play as much of this game as i can

#2 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

I don't think it is possible to skip chapters in this game. Who ever told you each act has 5 chapters was probably wrong. It's been awhile since I played it but the only way you'd be skipping chapters is by some glitch.

#3 Posted by bybeach (5191 posts) -

I could not be remembering right, but one chapter is very short..or something . I vaguely remember something being very brief.

#4 Posted by sagesebas (2236 posts) -
@bybeach Yeah act 2 was one chapter cool to know im not missing anything its a badass game
#5 Posted by Icemael (6798 posts) -

You're not skipping anything. The first act has one chapter, the second and the third have four, the fourth has six and the fifth has five.

#6 Posted by sagesebas (2236 posts) -
@Icemael Thanks duder

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