Boss fights *spoiler*

#1 Posted by Sezzilla (29 posts) -

Did anyone have problems with a particular boss throughout the game?
I have to say encountering Sister Grim for the first time was nuts, I did thought of hurting her weak spots the first time then it was just impossible.
Her chest....I thought it was red, till.........Till I had to use flames on that dodging bitch.
What about everyone else's encounters with these bosses?
(I'm not looking forward to the hard difficulty, expecially the few last chapters O.O)

#2 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

I thought all the bosses were easy, the only part that I had to re-do a lot is when Paula chases you. One wrong step and she latches on to you.

#3 Posted by Redbullet685 (6178 posts) -

I hated the final boss fight with Paula. That one demon that she lets loose kept getting in my way and knocking me back into the darkness. I didn't fail, but it was fucking annoying.
All of the bosses were quite easy, though, especially against Fleming.

#4 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -

George in Beast Form, which is weird 'cause George in Human Form is my favorite boss,. but geez, it's hard and annoying to shoot  Beats George's back. I had fun with the other ones(Except Fleming. The Battle was cool, but too long. Oh, and Stinky Crow.) and, i loved the battle against Paula, it was pretty awesome.

#5 Posted by Roomrunner (938 posts) -

I hate a lot of fun with all the bosses.  The only one that gave me serious trouble was the second grim reaper when she split into like a dozen forms.  
I thought the bosses were really fun.  There was some worry going in about how predictable glowing red spots were, but I found that figuring how how to expose the glowing red spots were challenge enough.

#6 Posted by RoyCampbell (1092 posts) -
@Roomrunner said:
I hate a lot of fun with all the bosses.  The only one that gave me serious trouble was the second grim reaper when she split into like a dozen forms.
Fuck that shit in the fucking ass.
Constantly draining health from being eaten by the dark stuff along with 20 (constantly moving and teleporting) versions of the boss that can take away half your health with a good swipe... I beat her by absolute luck. I had no idea what I was doing and just kept dying as I kept blowing through 15 tequilas to stay alive. Up to that point I'd been enjoying the bosses. Any time a boss presents itself in a game, I find myself dreading it, but I was having fun with the bosses until that crap.
And yeah, being chased by Paula is annoying. Instant death upon her catching you. Sure, anticlimactic that would be if you just got a slap on the wrist and kept running, but damn. "KILL ALL THE ENEMIES IN THE AREA SO YOU CAN GET THE SECOND KEY" all the while she's literally 5 seconds away from grabbing you and sending you to a "restart checkpoint" and loading screen. 
I even made her turn around and chase me back towards Christopher the merchant. I was right in front of him and that jerk just stands there while I drop dead!
#7 Edited by Roomrunner (938 posts) -

Re: Second Grim reaper boss - Luck plays a big part of it, but I found that dropping finesse, and just going mental with the light shot was the best bet.  If I got hit or lost my rhythm, I know it would regroup and split into a dozen again before I could get most of them, so I would retreat to the goat head, health up, and try again.  Eventually, luck will stricke and one of the first few you hit will end up being her. 
Re: Paula chases - I agree that these are a pain in the ass, and that the controls are much to sluggish to handle what you're expected to do.  I love the set piece of it all; I just wish they did it differently.  I think zombie Paula is the only truly frightening creature in the whole game.  For the part where you had to run AND fight dudes, I had my boner ready from the start.  Run - bomb the tree - quick turn - light shot her (this stuns her) - quick turn back - run - switch to shot gun - run and gun the two baddies (you should be able to one shot them both). 
The last time you encounter her is the worst.  In the catacombs when she is facing you in a thin corridor.  You can light shoot her to go around her, but the controls are so sluggish, she can snap out of it before you even get a good pace going.  Actually, because it's so hard to run AND go around her quickly, I just ran straight into her about 5 times (you still die if you touch her when she is light-stunned).  And yeah, she would kill me in the oddest places.  Garcia would fall back and clip through walls like a mofo.  It just pissed me off more that I kept losing, as well it looking broken and stupid.  
The reaper gave me trouble, but didn't make me angry.  Paula did, and so did the big boner sequence (reminded me of the asteroid shooting in Dead Space).  The entire rest of the game I enjoyed thoroughly.

#8 Posted by mooseifer (6 posts) -

All the bosses were fun actually, survived through all of them... except for the 2nd Sister.  I HATED that fight so much, was there an actual way to fight her?  The way I figured out which one was the real one was by spraying with the Teether, then nothing which one didn't flicker when I shot at her, then shot a light shot.

#9 Posted by shuetoe (7 posts) -

The trick with the second sister is to shoot the one with the glowing chest when she splits up.  It's faint, but it's there.
#10 Posted by DonChipotle (2981 posts) -

I hated the Justine fight because it felt like I was cheated out of a better fight

#11 Posted by lclay (398 posts) -

They were all pretty fun though really easy.

#12 Posted by MatPaget (1283 posts) -

The only thing that I had to redo a lot was the Paula chase sequences. Then I remembered you can sprint, and I was good to go!

#13 Posted by DonutFever (3770 posts) -

The Paula fight, when you're in between the dark points. Couldn't lock onto her with Dentist, because the dark demon kept hitting me, and couldn't kill him because he's always stay right in front of the dark, so when I lit him up, he just got dark again. 

#14 Posted by SixtyXCelph (286 posts) -

Not a boss fight, per se, but near the end of the game the enemies with the red syringes, I guess, on their backs?  They were the most problematic enemy for me, by far.  All I could figure to do was lock on with The Dentist and let loose the entire payload for it, but even then I'd have to switch to the Hot Boner or the SkullBlaster and hope I didn't run out of ammo for that, too.
All of the boss fights were pretty easy, though.  I guess the most trouble I ran into was George's beast form, but it still wasn't difficult.

#15 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

All easy.

#16 Edited by King_Bonzo (201 posts) -
@Sezzilla: Ok so I;m playing the game on Legion on my first play through (fuck Yahtzee in the anus for recommending that!) and I'm on Fleming. Third cycle I drop his green shield, hit him with the four skull charge shot from the shotgun, stick a bomb to him and.... he recovers. Seriously it feels like I have about half a second to plant the bomb and shoot it and with the animation lengths on the shooting this does not seem possible. Tips please?
#17 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1780 posts) -

I had an easy time beating all the bosses even on harder difficulties.

#18 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2760 posts) -

They were all pretty piss easy, but I liked their gameplay overall.

#19 Posted by DrPockets000 (2875 posts) -

The only one I really had an issue with the George. Other than that the game wasn't too hard, but I loved all of it. Easily one of my top 5 of the year.

#20 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5740 posts) -

Fleming was the only one that gave me a problem.

#21 Posted by King_Bonzo (201 posts) -
@Sezzilla said:
@King_Bonzo:  AHhh yes that was a pain but you have fully charge the green skull bomb on him there is a hole above him. That is the only way to take him down, and of course that green barrier was a huge pain for the fight.
wait so I hit him with the "shotgun" bomb after the green glass barrier thing? does that separate him up? 
#22 Posted by King_Bonzo (201 posts) -
Yeah I've done that. After glass is broken he's stunned and I charge up the shotgun again to a four skull thing just before it becomes a bomb? hit him with that and his crack goes yellow signifying I should use the hot boner. I set the bomb but he always recovers before I can shoot it and separate him,,,,,
#23 Posted by King_Bonzo (201 posts) -
@Sezzilla: well I guess I best be quicker then. Fuck this boss.
#24 Posted by King_Bonzo (201 posts) -

Fuck me side ways there is NOT ENOUGH TIME between his crack turning yellow and him recovering in order for me to hit him with the hot boner. Not. Enough. Fuck. Ing. Time. 
Any one beat him on Legion I need some serious help. My current tactic on the third stage of fleming is to stun him out of his green shield, 
 unload my dentist into him which sometimes turns him yellow, sometimes it doesn't, but when it does I switch to the boner charge the shot and one of two things happens: 
1) the shot is on target but for some reason doesn't stick. 
2) it sticks but he instantly recovers 
I am "this close" to selling this game. Shame cause I've loved it up until now.

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