Does the game taper off ?

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I'm about 2/3 way through the game at this point, but I'm starting to lose interest. All the zombie-killing has pretty much stayed the same for quite some time now and there's been a few parts that were just annoying. Are there any good surprises in the last parts of the game, or does it just unwind into a necessary conclusion ?
To be a bit more specific the last few memorable things I did was the second paper-stage and the third sister.

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@Ares42: there will be a third paper stage where you will have to fight a boss. Following that, you will be introduced to a new kind of enemy which is are a pain in the ass. ou will fight every bad guy from the game before two easy boss fights

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trust me the last bits of that game get really intristing soo keep pushin through and remember 
always keep your Johnson firmlly gripped  

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@DEMONOLOGY_24: the final bit of that game is you climbing a tower in which you navigate a labyrinthe before fighting a boss. How is that "really" interesting? And I was gripping my Johnson firmly the whole time

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I don't know really I personally just thought the game was good  
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Its a ridiculous world with ridiculous characters. That's why it's a great game.
In terms of gameplay. . . It's Resident Evil 4. . . but you can move and shoot at the same time.

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@Yanngc33: I guess your Johnson just wasn't big enough.
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I felt it tapered off very severely. The beginning of the game had a lot of jokes and a lot of new stuff. As it progresses it just rehashes every other adventure game.

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Agreed, the end let me down a bit. Still enjoyed the game, though.

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