How the hell do I beat Stinky Crow?

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Maybe I'm retarded, maybe his weakness is really obvious, but I'm just not seeing it. I've been fighting him for a good fifteen minutes and I just died. I've googled to no avail and I'm really getting tired of this guy.

How do I kill him?

Third Stage btw.

Edit: Maybe I should have waited a few more minutes before posting this thread.

Light Shot to the crotch.

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when in doubt...aim for the crotch.

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@handlas said:
when in doubt...aim for the crotch.
Gun play 101...
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haha- ya he took me a minute too on that part. ^Words to live by though^

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The ridiculous title of this thread makes me want to play this game even more.

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aim for the stinky parts... ill admit it i had to use the guide, i was feeling to impatient...

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Yeah, it's not completely obvious but light shot the crotch thus burning away his feathers. Then shoot it some more.

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@handlas said:
when in doubt...aim for the crotch.
 Best advice possible for this game
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