It was so close!

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The Big Boner section was funny at first, but became irritating at the last section because after a certain range close to you, it becomes impossible to hit the demons. Anyway, I got through this section and a bit peeved I proceeded to the not-so-great 2D sidescroller, died like three times 'cause I was trying to bumrush it and put the game back in my third-person category on my shelf. 
I'm not really interested in finishing this game. Not so much because I was irritated, but I don't find the game compelling, really. It feels very run of the mill, and I'm not as excited about the overall level design as others have been. 
I don't have a question, or whatever to pose, so if you agree or disagree, you can just lay your opinions here if you like.

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I enjoyed the game I thought it was fun,But I agree about the 2d sidescroller levels I hated them. The big boner section was cool at first,but it did get annoying when I had to do it two more times.

#3 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -
@falserelic: I've just been plodding along for the past hour or so. I think I'm getting serious third-person shooter fatigue.
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It's such a shame that besides its awesome style, it's all kinda generic and a little thin. The times where it does spruce things up is neat, at first, but like you said both the Big Boner and the Sidescrolling sections get pretty old pretty quick. 
For a game with so many gaming dev Legends behind it, it's a massive disappointment. Doesn't mean it's bad, and is fact pretty OK, but non the less a disappointment. Least Akira definitely succeeded on his part with a fuckin' beast of a soundtrack.

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@Abyssfull: The greatest thing about Shadows Of The Damned is that song those fish/snail/bulb things sing after you shoot them and they light up and guide you around. 
I need that song.
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I hated that Big Boner part too. The first time it was interesting, the second time it was okay, but by the third time in a row I was sick of it.

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There's a part where your girlfriend is guarding a brain. I gave up there. Mostly because those chase sequences are balls, and you have to literally repeat the exact same room and fight encounter only minutes apart. 
I saw what I came to see: some of Suda51's crazy games. I had fun. I laughed. Worth the money. But now I'm done.

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It's so funny; this exact same thing happened to me. I was having a modest amount of fun with it, got to the big boner part and just hated it. Fought through the side-scrolling level and thought it was boring. Got the library and fought the last Sister boss, which was tedious and used up half of my healing items, and now I pretty much just don't wanna play it any more. I've moved on to some bargain bin games I picked up last week; Alone in the Dark here I come.

How sad is it that I'm choosing to play Alone in the Dark over this game?

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I too was frustrated at that 'Big Boner' part but I got past it and I enjoyed the game. I really liked how it ended in a way that it set itself up for a sequel because to me Garcia Hotspur is the coolest demon hunter, it's such a shame there's no new game+ so I can continue to upgrade myself with the red gems.

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Also what is the name of that creature?
#11 Posted by Getz (3746 posts) -

@Napalm said:

@Getz: @project343: @SuperfluousMoniker: GUYS I NEED THE NAME OF THAT SNAIL/FISH/BULB SONG THAT'S SUNG WHEN YOU SHOOT IT AND IT LIGHTS UP AND GUIDES YOU AROUND. HALP. Also what is the name of that creature?

not sure I remember what song you're talking about... Also, light slug? Fish bulb? Uhhh, Luminous Snail? How about The Incredible Edible Light-Up Dick Joke?

#12 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2909 posts) -
@Napalm: This guy appears to have uploaded the entire soundtrack on Youtube. It's bound to be there somewhere.
#13 Posted by Getz (3746 posts) -

@Napalm: I looked it up; it's Sushi Lamp

#14 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -
#15 Posted by Getz (3746 posts) -

@Napalm said:


Awww yeah. How could I forget that?!

#16 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -
@Getz: I want a sushi lamp.
#17 Posted by Redbullet685 (6346 posts) -

I liked the side scroller and big boner parts at first, but after the first stage in both, it was really old. I appreciate them trying to do something different.

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Should've put it in the boner category.

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The Big Boner and Great Demon World sections would've been better if they happened once early, twice in the middle, and for the third time near the end. Or maybe not even then. I really liked the first Big Boner sequence... and then they threw two more at me and now I don't really like the Big Boner (aside from the incredible music). And the sidescroller parts I liked all of... just maybe not altogether like that.

It's just a question of pacing, and they didn't nail it this time but... the game has such a charm to it, I can forgive it a few flaws and focus on the positives. My big like about the game is it has that very distinctly Japanese sensation of 'hand crafting'. A lot of Western games can fall into a trap of generic map design and encounters. Japanese games more or less feel like every encounter in the game was designed with an idea about how you'll react. Resident Evil is really great for this, every area feels like it was designed with your moment-to-moment experience in mind, and not just an area that they can plug a few enemy AIs into and have a game. Maybe I should make a blog with examples and such, but... I'm a real big fan of when it feels like each map and encounter was designed to elicit a specific reaction from the player, and not just to be a 'general gameplay area'. And I get that feeling from Shadows of the Damned.

#20 Posted by Wrighteous86 (3899 posts) -


Anyway, I got through this section and a bit peeved I proceeded to the not-so-great 2D sidescroller, died like three times 'cause I was trying to bumrush it and put the game back in my third-person category on my shelf.

I think I'm more fascinated that you organize your games based on genre. Do tell.

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I just got the first big boner sequence and it is annoying the fuck out of me. I've died three times in a row, which is the most I've died on any part of this game so far and it's only because the gun is slow and not very accurate and yeah once they get to a certain distance it's pretty fucking hard to kill them; if it were one shot kill on any part of the demon, which it fucking should be with such a big boner, then it wouldn't be a problem but having hit them right in the eye to get them down quick really sucks.

It's super lame because I was really really enjoying this game up until this point and now I've found out that there's two more of these sections. WTF.

Also that I have to watch the same cutscene after each restart is bullshit, I thought we had moved on from unskippable cutscenes.

I'll probably go back to it and hopefully get past these shitty segments but it's really drained my momentum and it fucking sucks.

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Having all but beaten this game now (was fighting the final boss last night and it froze on me, ugh) I'm glad I played it but there were definitely a lot of rough patches. The standard 3rd person shooting gameplay was ok, but it seems like whenever they deviated from that (chase sequences, 2d shooter sequences, big boner section) they turned out to be annoying. It's ironic because you want that kind of stuff in there to break up the gameplay, but then you wind up hating those parts.

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I liked it enough to play through the game 3 times to get the S rank, but ended up getting screwed on the gem achievement. Overall I had a lot of fun and would recommend to others to play.

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So I did all three big boner sections and the 2D section in one try and was pretty pleased with myself and thought the game would go back to being awesome for the rest of the game, which it did until I got to the SECOND 2D section and I've lost all my momentum again.

This game really doesn't want me to finish it. I feel like I'm pretty close though so I'm gonna soldier on.

#25 Posted by lclay (398 posts) -

Got past them all now and it was worth it. Push through these section if you're struggling guys cos the overall game experience is excellent.

#26 Posted by Tesla (2059 posts) -

The Big Boner section was not hard or frustrating at all. I died maybe 3 times before I mastered it. Of course I forget that most gamers like their hands held these days.

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You're expecting a game developed in Japan to be fun to play?

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