Shadows of the Damned - Amusing Glitch

Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

   A bad guy on Shadows of the Damned just runs in circles like an infant. Adorable, really.

#1 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

   A bad guy on Shadows of the Damned just runs in circles like an infant. Adorable, really.

#2 Posted by Ramone (2981 posts) -

Youtube spam. Also stop pimping your website.

#3 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@Jonny7892: Wait, what? It's a video I personally recorded that I'm posting on my blog on Giantbomb, which relates to Shadows of the Damned. Also, I didn't mention any other website? 
Seriously, wtf?
#4 Posted by Ramone (2981 posts) -

@LouChou: At no point did you say that you recorded the video in your OP also GamingBullshit is the name of the website you linked to in your post about your inability to play NBA 2K11. If you're going to post a video even if it's recorded by you then you are supposed to provide commentary and not just a description of what happens in the video. Finally and most important this video isn't funny.

#5 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@Jonny7892: lol. are you for real, guy? you come trolling my post, and then I call you on it, so you start spouting weak shit about things I should and shouldn't be doing? 
Listen, if you wanna hit me with some lines from the rulebook, then cool - I'll read, and if I'm violating something or other then I'll happily take this thing down. It's honestly not that big a deal to me. However, if you're just being all self-important and ridiculous over one insignificant blog post, then the answer is really as simple as not viewing what I have to share. I mean, you've said more than once now you don't like what I've posted, so right now it's past the point of just having an opinion, and in the realm of trolling. 
I'm not here to make an enemy of anyone, but I think we need to be keeping things in perspective.
#6 Posted by Dan_potter (1 posts) -

Same thing happened on my game louchou lol. Is it near the end of the game with all the demon blood doors connected in like a circuit??

#7 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@Dan_potter: YES! That's exactly where it happened. Wow. Perhaps they did it on purpose just to amuse themselves or something? :P
#8 Posted by Questionable (619 posts) -

Basicly its bullcrap that serves nobodys interest than your own,
As Jonny said, its not entertaining.

#9 Edited by LouChou (458 posts) -
@Questionable: Another poster replied saying they encountered the same glitch, so surely that then serves more than just my interest, no? Jeez, lighten up. Are you honestly going to try and convince me I've just poisoned the Shadows of the Damned forum by posting a blog entry about a glitch in Shadows of the Damned? Seriously?
#10 Posted by 49th (2897 posts) -

I liked the video.

#11 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@49th: cool. thanks for the comment. it's good to hear something positive.
#12 Posted by hoossy (943 posts) -

I don't understand what the problem is... it's a silly video... about a video game.  Isn't this website the perfect place for something like that?

#13 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@hoossy: that was pretty much my entire thinking behind it. it's not even like I've spammed off-topic with it or anything, it's right in the Shadows of the Damned forum. Anyway, yeah, it's good to know I'm not a monster after all.
#14 Edited by McShank (1631 posts) -

It makes me want to buy the game even more now just to see it meself.. and how is it youtube spam if its a single video.. damn trolls be making haterade all day on them thur forums. Also i looked because it said glitch.. in a game.. on a game site where i go to see things about games whether they be big or small..

#15 Posted by MistaSparkle (2150 posts) -

Woah anybody notice the video is abnormally large? Like, larger than usual?

#16 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@McShank: thank you. any doubts about me having posted this are now well and truly doused. also, it seems likely you'll see this glitch yourself. i thought it was perhaps just unique to the way i did things on my play through or something, but if someone else had the exact same thing then it makes me wonder whether Suda 51 just thought it'd be funny to have a bad guy running around in circles. 
@MistaSparkle: like, in terms of its dimensions? i didn't resize or anything. or at least, i didn't intentionally. I just grabbed the embed code and threw it in there.
#17 Posted by supermike6 (3656 posts) -

Haha, that's kinda cool. I'd feel bad about killing him innocent.

#18 Posted by Hero_Swe (1218 posts) -

Daww, poor guy is lost. I'd go up to him and hug him.
#19 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -
@supermike6@Hero_Swe: it does just get progressively more adorable the longer you watch him. If he was holding a spiderman lunchbox it would absolutely complete the look.

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