Shadows of the Damned sounds

#1 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1284 posts) -

So this was bugging me ever since I started playing Shadows of the Damned. The menu confirmation sound and when you open doors sounded familiar to me.

Sometime through my play through I figured it out. That sound is entirely from Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 and 3 come to mind. Which makes sense to me because of Akira Yamaoka being involved in this.

Anyone else catch this? Or am I dead wrong?

#2 Posted by Jimbo_N (1475 posts) -

Yep noticed it aswell instantly in the Quick Look but couldn't put my finger on exacly where it came from. First thing that came to mind was Resident Evil 4/5 but Silent Hill makes way more sense now that you say it.

#3 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5008 posts) -

That is some Silent Hill sound effects.

#4 Posted by bslayer (231 posts) -

it does kinda sound like silent hill judging from the quick look, haven't played it yet, but i sure want to.

#5 Posted by dietmango (1704 posts) -

I don't know about you guys, but Killer7 immediately came to mind when I heard the menu sounds. It's not the same sound, but it reminded me of it.

#6 Posted by Demoskinos (16424 posts) -

Yup.  Its the Silent Hill menu sound.  As a fan  it caught my ear immediately.   The "Darkness" sound  is also very familiar sounding.

#7 Posted by Fobwashed (2551 posts) -

@the_hiro_abides: Thank you! I made a post about this the other day because it was driving me nuts. Now I can stop thinking about this -_-;;

#8 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1284 posts) -

@Fobwashed: No problem.

It seems rare to hear sounds used repeatedly across different games. Seems like it only happens in sequels. Except the Wilhelm Scream.

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