That Bird Casts Quite a Shadow...of the Damned

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@TekZero said:

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Awh the terrible puns.

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I... cannot... wait!

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Tentacle guns!

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I feel like they changed the voice actor for Garcia when I wasn't looking

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I very much like the cut of this game's jib.

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I like the artstyle of this game.

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Looks a bit rough. The lip sync is horrid.

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@dox said:

Looks a bit rough. The lip sync is horrid.

Agreed. They released this one too early--coulda used a little more working time. Also, the generic music playing in the background gets painful fast.
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I'm interested...

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More alcohol as health? There should be a page for that at this point.

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I'm not expecting everything to be A class in this game, and that may be even good in a point. In that annoying tone of voice of Strongbad's in Pokernight,,I"m getting it!

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Yes, that looks interesting. I'll buy it at a high price. No, actually I will buy it when it drops in price.

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stoked for this game, Mikami and Suda51= dream team.

#16 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

It doesn't look great, but for some reason I have to play this.

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I kind of hope this turns out really well, even though I dont think it will.

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I don't like the lighting or the way the character seems to control just like Resident Evil 5. I'll still buy this game but it's looking more and more like a bargain bin affair.

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Yeah the game has a bunch of Suda crazy in it, but other than that it just kinda looks like a slow 3rd person shooter. Meh.

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what the fuck is going on in this game?

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Yeah bro, shoot that fuckin' bird in the balls!! Such a weird gameplay video to release so close to the release date. Wouldn't you want some sort of cool compilation of all the stuff there is to do, other than just a dude who gets drunk and goes apeshit on a big birds crotch? Perhaps that stuff sells games, what the fuck do I know...

Hope it turns out great thought, 'cause this is has generally been a mediocre month in video game world.

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Is this a 3DS game?  Is that why the depth of field is so weird? 

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whats with the cat-lady thing in her underwear at 1:43?

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wait... So is this game about Rico Rodriguez's slow descent into madness after the events of just cause 2?

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@fuzzypumpkin said:

what the fuck is going on in this game?

sweetness, that's what. and don't you forget it.
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The fact that this and those handful of earlier trailers are the only bits of footage we've got so close to release really worries me. I literally have nothing to go on until I either play a demo or get some impressions from someone else who has. Do they expect me to buy a game based on blind faith in 2011?

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@Anjon: Dude, what? There are plenty of hands-on previews, and videos showing lots of combat (including entire boss battles). It's all easy to find, too.
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Is his middle name Fawking, or was that a poorly placed swear?

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In Stores June 21! Aaaaaaaand that's exactly where it's going to stay too. That looks pretty rough. Music sucks balls too.

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Since this is a Suda 51 joint, I'm probably gonna end up playing it. Looks crazy in a good way.

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I really like the look. I'll ask for it for my birthday.

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This looks like it was made for 3D.

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It looks reaaaally slow... I will stand by for reviews. 

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So shoot things till they die. Got it.

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It's a Suda 51 game so we already know it's gonna be crazy behind believe.

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