The sound design in this game is nothing short of godly.

#1 Posted by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -

Seriously, Akira Yamaoka has outdone himself with the soundtrack to this game.   Track after track the game just keeps pumping out awesomeness.

#2 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

Good to hear that you're enjoying it, duder!

#3 Posted by N7 (3708 posts) -

This is so weird. Last week, no one even knew what this game was... Now, everything I've been hearing about this game is insanely positive.

I wish to play this game now. D:

#4 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -


I knew about it, but I honestly thought that the game was still ways from being released, heh!

Sadly I'm saving my cash for the upcoming Steam sale, so Shadows of the Damned will have to wait!

#5 Posted by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -
@Cloudenvy said:


I knew about it, but I honestly thought that the game was still ways from being released, heh!

Sadly I'm saving my cash for the upcoming Steam sale, so Shadows of the Damned will have to wait!

Same, I knew about it for quite a while.   I just didn't realize it was coming out so soon.   I think honestly it took a good many people by surprise coming out this early in the year.
#6 Posted by ZagZagovich (775 posts) -

It's so nice you had to say it twise? But yeah it's really great. For a game taht is very action oriented it has a pretty good atmosphere to it.

#7 Posted by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -
@ZagZagovich: Yeah, I don't know whats up with that.... I didn't mean to post that and tried to delete the duplicate topic multiple times.  =\
#8 Posted by Scarz09 (146 posts) -

I think the music is incredible, I have always liked Akira Yamaoka. I think the SOTD music is better than what he did on silent hill, which I loved.
#9 Posted by shinigami420 (640 posts) -

Yeah it fucking amazing

best game sound tracks are always japanese

#10 Posted by Agent47 (1892 posts) -
@Demoskinos: Yeah the soundtrack is one of the if not the best part of the game.The music is amazingly good.Is it all original?
#11 Posted by Galiant (2197 posts) -

Kinda bummed he's not working on Silent Hill anymore. He was a large part of the experience with his twisted music.

#12 Posted by DonChipotle (2876 posts) -

That track in the first level was great. Just...just great.

#13 Posted by zombie2011 (5095 posts) -

The music in the quicklook seemed like something out of 28 day/weeks later, i was loving it. 

#14 Posted by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -
@Agent47:  Oh for sure.  Yamoka  does all his own music.    Even if you aren't a fan of the silent hill games you should seriously check out the soundtracks  as Yamoka's previous work was with team Silent on the SH games.  
#15 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

ur getting me hyped.... 
SHOULD I BUY THIS? Console games are expensive man :/

#16 Posted by pescado_auf_deutsch (19 posts) -

Haven't played this yet, but Yamaoka's music is usually amazing, and Suda51 games tend to have great music and sound design (thinking of Killer 7). I think I'll almost certainly buy SOTD now. 

#17 Posted by Seroth (728 posts) -

Every time I opened a door in this game, I thought "Silent Hill."

#18 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -
its really good music but after just playing fear 3 it doesnt seem AS good, i think fear 3 did better with the music. but this game just wins through the sheer amount of music...
#19 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

It's absolutely fantastic and what's even better is that it's great across the board, no matter whet kind of music or sounds he dabbles in across the eclectic soundscape.

#20 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

This game sounds awesome. I heard about it a long time ago but I thought it was going to be a '12 release not a 2011 release. So now I'll have to find time for it... Sadly my schedule can't hit it til late August...

#21 Posted by Tesla (1957 posts) -

I think the soundtrack will go down as one of the best in gaming history. I'm only about half way through the game and it is already way up there among my personal favorites.

#22 Edited by mylifeforAiur (3491 posts) -

His Silent Hill stuff is amazing, so I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

#23 Edited by lusence (350 posts) -

great variations of the music. for example it really impressed me when you light up the 'sushi lamp' that little guppy thing with the light on its head, and the game starts busting out a funky like regae beat. i was like wow! that fuuuuunky! and had to dance a little which consisted of flexing my butt cheeks... So the further im getting the more impressed i am with the music.... and that freaky ass merchant wit music is just worth mentioning, so cool...

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