Your Friend and Mine, Garcia Effin' Hotspur

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I actually JUST finished playing through Shadows of the Dammed and I have to say it's one of the best games I've played this generation. Also it did the rare thing of making me laugh out loud which games don't normally do. It's a shame it didn't sell well but as long as publishers see the abilities these guys have I'll continue to support guys like Suda 51.

Original ideas will sway my purchasing decision more than a sequel to a time tested franchise any day.

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I don't get what the hype is over this game.

It's another 3rd person shooter with the same ol same ol imagery. The story sounds like a comedy version of Dante's Inferno.

The only thing that seems to set it apart is the are the jokes.

For quirky Japanese games I'll go to Catherine, and for good jokes mixed with great gameplay I'll go to Portal.

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@edeo said:

I don't get what the hype is over this game.

It's another 3rd person shooter with the same ol same ol imagery. The story sounds like a comedy version of Dante's Inferno.

The only thing that seems to set it apart is the are the jokes.

For quirky Japanese games I'll go to Catherine, and for good jokes mixed with great gameplay I'll go to Portal.

Right with you buddy. I hate the hype that surrounds this game and the obsession over any game with Suda's attachment to it.
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Being a good game doesn't mean being everyone's game.

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I really loved the game and purchased it. But EA, did practically NO marketing for the game. So why would it have sold? Not every game is Gears, Halo, or God of War. These publishers NEED to market their games. Especially new IPs. I know it's expensive, but it's even more expensive to have a badly selling game.

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@edeo said:

I don't get what the hype is over this game.

It's another 3rd person shooter with the same ol same ol imagery. The story sounds like a comedy version of Dante's Inferno.

The only thing that seems to set it apart is the are the jokes.

For quirky Japanese games I'll go to Catherine, and for good jokes mixed with great gameplay I'll go to Portal.

I think once you see the very first loading screen, you'll realize there is more to the artwork than shadowy Dickensian streets with demons lurking.
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This game looks good, and I don't mean this to insult the creators or folks who like it, but not $60 good. I am too trained not to wait for sales except for the massive, must have titles that will glue me to my seat. The next one like that for me will be Skyrim. I want to play this game, and had it been $40, I would have ordered it the very second after the quick look had been watched by me.

Going in with a $60 expectation is a bit much. It's why I nabbed stuff like Deadly Premonition so fast. I have games like Bastion and From Dust hitting my Steam account for $15. It's a different age and game companies have to realize that higher prices do not recoup game costs like low prices do. You're still going to get away with charging $60 for your massive Blizzard, Bethesda, EA, Activision, etc. type games that will sell millions day one. Not with these smaller games that have a niche following but won't throw down $60 on a "what if...?" type title.

I'll be buying it when it's cheaper, but it's either telling of the market we're in or my own frugality.

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Amazingly entertaining game. You owe it to yourself to play this.

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I didn't really like Shadows of the Damned, however games like that should keep being made.

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This is not the game I wanted, or expected, from the trio of Suda/Mikami/Yamaoka. I think the visuals are dirty and charmless, and the game looks way more boring and repetitive than Mikami's Vanquish or Resident Evil 4. 
I'll check it out, but I won't pay for it. This is a "Gamefly game" for me. Or a "wait till it's $20-25 on Amazon" game. Sorry Yamaoka-san.
Also, I'm sure it didn't help that EA decided not to advertise it in any way. This or Alice 2....which was actually really boring and repetitive. The EA Partners label is not off to a good start. 
And if you think I'm "part of the problem", relax. I pick up original games when I like what I see. Enslaved and Vanquish were some of my favorite games last year, and I'm digging the sh*t out of El Shaddai right now - a game I'm sure will sell just as badly as Shadows. I just really didn't dig anything that Shadows of the Damned was showing, no matter how much Giantbomb liked it, or places like 8-4 Play made it sound cool. It's always hard to get behind a game that just rubs you the wrong way. 
Looking forward to Suda/James Gunn's Lollipop Chainsaw though. Getting a great No More Heroes vibe from that one.

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@NoTicket said:
I didn't find what I saw of Shadows of the Damned funny at all. It was a little sad, actually. A bunch of grown men giggling over a gun called boner. It just reeks of sexual frustration. That said, glad they're going to continue doing what they do. It's always interesting, that's for sure.
I'm pretty sure laughing over boner guns is just a sign of being a dude that understands camp. Getting self-righteous over boner guns is a sign of having nothing better to do.
I promise to never share my opinion on anything ever again.
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This game was very poorly marketed. Both in quantity and perspective. I had the wrong opinion of it, even though most of my view was based on content from GB over the months. Being a Suda game, I didn't expect it to make sense, have a good story, or be enjoyable to play. Instead, it had and is all those things. And the presentation is so well done and clever (I especially love the loading screens that harken back to Ghosts & Goblins).

It's a good looking, fun, challenging, and humorous game. And that humor is juvenile in a successful way that DNF and others simply aren't. Constant dick jokes shouldn't work. But . . . somehow, they do.

My only real complaint is that I hate those fucking quick time events wher eyou have to hit smash the hell out of a series of buttons in a really quick time. Something that I can only accomplish in this game about 20% of the time. Fucking worse is that every time you fail, you have to start all over again in the battle sequence you're in. And that often means going through a whole fucking cut-scene again.

I played through most of it in one sitting. Now, I'm stuck in 5-2. The bottom of the tower, where you fight a ton of monsters including two of those guys with the tubes in their backs. I've played over and over and over and over and over and I finally took the disk out and have put Deus Ex in, instead. I hope I can go back ot Shadows and finish it up, but that one part is so fucking impossibly frustrating that I may just never finish the game.

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Plainly put, I wanted an horror game, not a comedy action one.

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Finished Shadows of the Damned this weekend and it is well worth it. 24K just doesn't seem right. Quality of the game isn't reflected in those sales numbers. Very excited about the full soundtrack being released. Yamaoka is always was amazing!

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I'll buy it... eventually.

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Horror comedy really doesn't seem like a genre people care about.
I think if they stuck with focusing on the game being aimed at a Western
audience only & took out the comedy, maybe it would have sold more than
24k copies.  How many copies of Duke Nukem Forever were sold?  For 
a crappy game, I bet it made bank.
It might be one of those seed games.  Throw it out there & let a cult grow 
around it to clamor for a bigger payoff with a sequel down the road.

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I really didn't find the game terribly funny. There are a few funny parts, which you can tell the folks who "localized" the game threw in (if I'm not mistaken they entirely responsible for the content of the story books).
I found the game as an odd, twisted, and fresh experience. . . even though it pretty much recycled combat from Resident Evil 4. 
SotD May be a tad too odd for, not just the average gamer, MOST gamers to be interested in. Even at a bargain price. The poor Marketing didn't really help matters either. If Atlus' Catherine could sell 50,000+ (and ship 200,000) how could this game at least not match that? Well, Catherine was Atlus' first marketing masterpiece. Not that it's a terrible game, but it's block puzzles crossed with a dating sim. . . neither are exactly in high demand in the American market.
Shadows of the Damned was a commercial failure. It has been my favorite game so far this year. It's a shockingly well put together game. 
No new game plus really pissed me off though. . . .

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It sucks it didn't sell, But that was a BALLIN ASS GAME!
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That pretty sad, 24K.....Its a very solid title overall.  I know the humor of the game is very polarizing,. I think it all came togeather very well in fitting in that worlds atmosphere and characters.  Id compare it to Bullet Storm.  Both had similar humor.  Shadows, I enjoyed, Bullet Storm I thought was shit.  Guess BS felt like it was trying to hard making it feel fake/forced.
Gotta say, i did kinda enjoy the story books.  One had me laughing with the great VO of Garcia poor reading skills, and under the breath comments.  It was a cool game, check it out if your on the fence.

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The lack of marketing for Shadows of the Damned really pissed me off. Simple steps could have been taken by EA to boost awareness around the game's release.

I mean, a few adverts and TV spots penned with "from the creators of Resident Evil and No More Heroes" wouldn't have hurt now would it?

#121 Posted by RaidenMitsuru (198 posts) -

I did my part and bought this game when it came out.

#122 Posted by Icemael (6795 posts) -

I know it's not why it didn't sell, but the game isn't especially good. The combat is utterly mediocre and it's by far the worst project Shinji Mikami has been involved in in years. I honestly don't give a toss that it sold poorly (hell, I'm actually kind of glad it wasn't a big success).

#123 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -

I really wish this game did better... Unique things like this need to be supported so that we don't see another military shooter.

#124 Posted by PimblyCharles (1746 posts) -

Thanks for sharing this Patrick! I personally blame EA, because of a lack of proper advertising. Look at Bulletstorm. That game was advertised very aggresively, and it sold pretty well. It wasn't ever expected to sell as well as it did, so something worked. DmD (Shadows of the Damned) is one hell of a fun ride. I bought it day one, and didn't even know I was going to until 2 days before release. It was a certain quicklook that peaked my interest, and I went and bought it not just for the game but to SUPPORT Grasshopper. They deserve more sales for their games. I thought for sure this one would have sold better than the past titles they released on PS2 and such. It had a broader appeal. I mean who doesn't want to play Resident Evil 4, but on acid and in hell. Actually the only thing it has in common with RE4 is a developer and gameplay mechanics. Everything else (story, atmosphere, lore) is all 100% original. Maybe that also had an effect on poor sales. People didn't know what the hell it was even when they knew about it. I'll be honest, it has a lot of problems with gameplay, but one thing is for sure, it doesn't get boring from start to finish. There's always something fun, exciting, and UNIQUE around every corner. Anyone who played it will never forget when those severed heads started rolling down the hill out of nowhere. It was fucking brilliant.

#125 Posted by BoOzak (1047 posts) -

Shame it didnt do so well, I remember being really enthralled & refreshed when I played this, having gone through generic clone after generic clone of various other games it was a relief to finally play something unique(in setting and tone at least).

..I may be wrong but didnt Bayonetta & Vanquish also sell fairly poorly? If so, wtf people. You wonder why Japan keeps sticking to their routes and remaking old franshises when new & decent IP's dont get any love.

#126 Posted by nutter (138 posts) -

This might be my favorite game of the year (huge nod to Dragon Age 2 for some expert story telling and character development) so far. It's a shame that such an great experience will likely fade into obscurity. I wonder about the lack of marketing. How can a bit of the title card music and the difficulty select video/audio not be fit into an action montage with a few choice lines and be released. Ship that add out the usual channels to give folks a taste of awesome. In any event, it's a fantastic and criminally overlooked experience.

#127 Posted by nutter (138 posts) -

Yeah, Damned actually felt more like Platinum crazy than Grasshopper crazy for a bulk of my playtrough. Maybe it was Johnson's vector transformations (Vanquish), maybe it was the Bayonetta-esque demon hands entering the world through portals, or it could have been Dom Dominico looking like a dead ringer for you rival in Vanquish. In any event, I believe all three titles were the best of what Japan has to offer and they all sold like dirt. Crying shame.

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I have been curious about Shadows of the Damned and actually surprised it hasn't dropped down to the $40 range or lower at places like Best Buy.  This game is part of a trio of games (the other two being Catherine and El-Shaddai) that I would like to support as a 'dutiful gamer' but I think I only have the bandwidth (time & money) for one at the moment. 
All 3 games have great visual style.  El-Shaddai's demo gameplay really didn't grab me (I think I'm done with platforming in general). Also getting my fill of games with any kind of shooting in them.  So definitely leaning towards Catherine.

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japs are messed up. amiright?

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Shame this did so poorly. It's probably my second or third favorite title released this year, behind Portal 2 and the Witcher 2.

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Game developers need to realize that if their game does not have either deep rpg  or online multiplayer elements their game is simply not worth full price in today's market. Hey, I don't make the rules man, that's just the way it is. 

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I've been through all the big names that have been released this year and all of them have fallen flat with the exception of Portal 2.  Shadows of the Damned was so much better than everything else that's been released.  Even though elements may seem rehashed it still has a great and refreshing feel to it.  Crysis 2, LA Noire, Killzone 3 all had great elements to them but felt boring and left me uninterested.  I don't think a game should be required to have online play or have a deep and incredibly long story to be a good game and worth the price.  Out of everything that's been released this year this is one of, if not the only game so far, that I am going to keep in my game library.

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Happy that this won't affect Suda 51. It's a great game and it's sales shouldn't impede their game making.

#134 Posted by TimFReilly (104 posts) -

Really disappointed by Shadows of the Damned. The setting is cool and the gameplay is solid, but the characterization was pretty weak (nobody had ANY development) and the second half of the game was severely lacking in story/events/anything. Barely finished it before getting too frustrated by how weak it is in parts.

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I love this game! Shame it hasn't sold well...
One of the best soundtracks ever.

#136 Posted by geirr (2865 posts) -

I had lots of fun with this game but it clearly needed more time and polish. Many parts came through as cheap and rushed, and the 3D model of Garcia on my ps3, once noticed, has a piece of geometry sticking several inches out of his head at all times. A glaring mistake so bad it's hard to believe they cleared this for release.

Most damning part of the game however is the lack of a "new game plus" option.

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