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Shani is a nurse and actively works to help people. Throughout The Witcher's storyline she is seen at various locations healing and helping people. She has known Geralt for a long time, and has aided him on many occasions (prior to and after his memory loss). Very little is revealed about Shani's past other than she went to the University of Oxenfurt and participated in plenty of Battles, all of which she was a non combatant. One of the most noted events in her past is that she was present at the Battle of Brenna, which is arguably the most important battle in The Witcher's lore. She was a nurse and served under Rusty Vanderbeck during the battle. It is revealed through conversation that she is still traumatized by many of the things she saw at the battle, and has trouble dealing with it. Shani's overall demeanor is much more light hearted and friendly than that of Triss'. 
Shani is not only an option for sex, but is one of the two romance options available to players.


  • Shani is voiced by Jennifer Woodward in the English version of The Witcher.

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