Came out of nowhere, any one playing ?

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Just saw this pop up on steam, had no idea that this was coming out today, and bought it.

Played the first level and it is definitely more shank, which is not a bad thing , and they seem to have made it better with smother animations and more responsive controls.

Not gone into the multiplayer yet but from that quicklook ex video is looks pretty cool.

Anyone picking this up ?

EDIT: Played a little more now and am still really enjoying it. Me and a friend of mine also took a look at the multiplayer and it is a really cool co-op mode, really fast and hectic

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I was playing the first Shank on co-op with a friend, we reached a big Boss Battle where two huge fat dudes totally obliterated us because apparently I had to unlock the co-op guns on my own in singleplayer.  
And we never touched the game again.. 
I'll pass on this!

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I want to get into these. Any thoughts on the first one?

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@DrMcKittrick said:

I want to get into these. Any thoughts on the first one?

The first one is pretty good, if you don't mind getting it on pc you might be able to still get it from the last Humble Bundle, which would be much cheaper.

As for the topic, I might pick it up eventually... Once I finish the first one...

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I also had no idea this was out, must have not heard it on the bombcast.

#6 Posted by ShaggE (7174 posts) -

Love the changes, but man, it really peters out at the end. The game feels unfinished, like they just kind of stopped making levels out of the blue. Still, if they make a Shank 3, I'll be on board. As brief as they are, I still enjoy them immensely.

#7 Posted by DocHaus (1644 posts) -

I feel like it's certainly worth $10, as they took everything good from the first game and made them even better, plus now you can blow/smack enemies up using the environment. It does feel a little short, but it's still a very good game.

#8 Posted by Canteu (2864 posts) -

The first one was a poorly designed piece of shit, so i think i'll pass this time.

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Been playing the co-op a bit. Its really fun, especially with a fellow duder that knows what he's doing.

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