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A Bit More Lasting Power This Time Around

This series definitely recaptures and improves upon the Beat 'Em Ups framework set up by games like Final Fight and Streets Of Rage. With waves of enemies and tight controls the combat is the main show. The fault with Shank came with the all-to-brief campaign. And although Shank 2 isn't any longer the restructured multi-player is what'll keep this title fresh for that much longer.

The combat remains mostly untouched with little additions like a dodge roll and alternate weapon types, along with a female fighter that handles a bit different than Shank. You should burn through the campaign in a couple of hours at the max; and unless you're a completionist there isn't much of a reason to repeat it. If you're like me you'll unlock all the alternate weapons and spend the rest of your time in the multi-player.

A horde mode with DOTA style items that become unlocked the longer you last, the multi-player is the purest distillation of what makes Shank so damn fun; the combat. The video game equivalent of a big dumb summer movie you should have a few weeks of fun with Shank 2.


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