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Shantae is a series with a troubled history, the initial game in the series Shantea, was at various points in times planned for both the Super Nintendo as well as the original Playstation. Due to various factors these versions of the game never materialized and the team eventually shifted work over to a Game Boy Color version. The final game was a 32 megabyte cartridge which was considered large for a Game Boy Color game and ho publisher wanted to take the financial risk of backing such a venture. Capcom eventually released the game in 2002. By this time the Game Boy Color was succeeded by the Game Boy Advance and many would be players assumed the game was outdated technically. A sequel was in development for the Advance but it was eventually canceled after Wayforward was unable to find a publisher.

In the later half of the 200's the Game Boy Color game had become somewhat of a cult classic and Wayforward announced plans to revive the franchise with a series of episodic games on the DSi. Eventually the developers had a change of heart and released Risky's Revenge as a full non-episodic game.

Shantae and The Pirates Curse followed shortly, and currently a fourth game, Half-Genie Hero is in the works.

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