CharacterCharacter Alternate versionDescription
Auroch Alternate
Auroch is an outlaw who fights simply for the enjoyment. Auroch will taunt anyone who gets in his way.
Beast Alternate
Beast was created by Sett and is the strongest of Sett's servants.
Colonel Alternate
Colonel is a celestial champion who was found by Beast on an obscure battlefield in an almost dead state.
Diesel Alternate
Diesel is a long shoreman who spends more of his time brawling than handling cargo.
Kaori Alternate
Kaori is the martial arts champion of her race and is forced to obey Sett due to an enchanted ring.
Leotsu Alternate
Leotsu is the last remaining grand master of a mysterious ancient martial art.
Memphis Alternate
An undead sorcerer who was once the apprentice of Sett many years ago.
Nezu Alternate
Nezu was kidnapped by Beast and forced to try and free Sett.
Rajah Alternate
Rajah is a skilled mystic swordsman who has submitted himself to Sett while exploring the netherplains.
Sett Alternate
Sett is a very powerful evil entity, he was sealed in another dimension thousands of years ago.
Shaq Alternate
An all star basketball player and inventor of Shaqido, a lethal form of martial arts.
Voodoo Alternate
Voodoo is a very powerful sorceress. She uses her sorcery to hunt Sett's enemies.

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