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Sharla is a fiery, independent but caring soldier from Colony 6. Despite being an accomplished medic, she is instructed to help evacuate the colony during a Mechon attack. Her sub-plot in the game involves her seeking her soldier fiancé, Gadolt, who goes missing along with the other colony militia during the attack. She has a younger brother, Juju, who factors into the plot a few times as well. Her initial personality traits (defined by her skill trees) are: Perseverance, Devotion and Confidence.

Sharla is the typical Healer Character in Xenoblade. She uses a Rifle for attacks/buffs from the distance. Perhaps obviously, she should be kept out of direct combat at all times so she can continue keeping everyone buffed and healed up. After using a number of arts, her rifle overheats to the point where she needs to use her Cool Down Talent Art to be functional again.

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