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IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THE KILLER SOUNDTRACK YOU KNOW!In 1986 Japanese developers Taito introduced Arkanoid to the gaming world, quickly becoming the much treasured and loved classic that it is today. Based upon Atari'sBreakout series of the 1970s, it tasked the player with using a small round ball to break colourful blocks in an attempt to achieve the highest scores. Since then developers around the world have reiterated this much adored gameplay formula, adding their own unique mechanics to help i...

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For all of paddlekind. 0

Being that the calendar for July comprises of such hotly anticipated storewide releases as “Starcraft 2” and “jack all else”, I figure that now is a good time to redirect my attention to the downloadable market. I had originally felt like I was missing out on some unique experiences and concepts, but aside from some business involving flowers and cats shooting yetis, not really. The same kind of marketing one-upmanship that Sony and Microsoft continually engages in happens on the online realm to...

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Short game experience but worth replaying. 0

 It’s a good game at a good price, go buy it. Thanks for reading the review.     Seriously though, Shatter is what I consider the evolution of a traditional brick-breaker game. You control a ship that has a shield that works as a paddle and ammo in the form of ricochet cannon balls. You move through a variety of levels, each with multiple sub-stages and a boss fight at the end of each level. What makes this game unique are its suck and blow mechanic, electric shield, and power-up weapon. The suc...

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Perfect for 15-30 minute chunks 0

Trying to explain how shatter works is not easy. The best thing I can say about shatter is that it constantly changes things up. First off, the music is superb. The music alone is worth $8 bucks in my mind. The game has you play vertically, then horizontally, and then in a circle for which you move in the bottom third. Every world has a boss battle which are really enjoyable and a  bonus level. I think I was looking forward to the bonus level every world because the balls start moving really fas...

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Shatter Review 0

One thing that I have noticed in this console generation is the trend of reinventing arcade classics. Much like what Geometry Wars and, well, every Tower Defence game that came out a year ago did for those genres, Shatter adds to this by changing up the old ball breaker formula. While it doesn't entirely revolutionize itself, it does enough to separate it from the rest. Shatter plays a lot like the old Breakout and Arkanoid games. Meaning, you control a paddle and must break blocks with a ball...

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Meh - sorry can't think of better title 0

The developer behind Shatter is New Zealand based Sidhe Interactive. Sidhe's most notable game is the multiplatform game GripShift. Which was an original puzzle racer platformer game.  round != fun Shatter in other hands lends a lot from Pong, Breakout or Arkanoid. Which should be in some form familiar to any gamer. This is of course a basic block-breaking action. Shatter comes with some new additions and updated graphics. Platform for my Shatter experience was PC and more specifically the Steam...

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Shatter Review 0

Shatter is a block breaking game on the PlayStation Network that brings back fits of nostalgia that then surpasses those thoughts. You'll have to go through several different levels destroying all the bricks as well as facing off against bosses. You'll have to collect the falling fragments to power yourself up as well as collect the power ups to power up your ball.Graphically the backgrounds look amazing. The bricks all have a very unique look to them. I do have to say that there are some backgr...

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A (brick) smashing good time 0

Shatter is, at a glance, just another Arkanoid clone with excellent production values. But to say that would be like saying Geometry Wars is just another Robotron clone with those same values. The point is, that's selling the game short. What Shatter really is is a brilliant new take on the Arkanoid formula. A strong competitive component, cool new gameplay mechanics, and great production values are what make up this gorgeous brick-shattering good time, and they all come tog...

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This Download Will Shatter Your Expectations 0

 Have you ever played Breakout or Arkanoid?   Don't worry, I haven't either.   Most reviews of Shatter have compared it to brick-breaking games of the past, but I've decided to judge it on its own merits.   This PSN download definitely draws from games like Pong, Breakout, and Arkanoid for inspiration, but it's so much more.   Instead of simply hitting a ball back and forth to break blocks, you'll find yourself using the effects of gravity.   You control a small ship that can reflect balls back ...

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Come for the soundtrack, stay for the everything else. 0

Let's not dance around the obvious. Shatter is part of the Arkanoid/ Breakout family tree. However I must say it is the best and most modernized Arkanoid-esque game I've ever played.What sets this game apart? Well it's the fact that you can suck and blow (I'll explain). Your paddle you play as can shoot out a ball to break up bricks but can also suck and blow air to manipulate the trajectory of the ball. However blocks are often loosely floating around and the sucking and blowing mechanic does w...

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possibly the best psn game 0

This game is a must buy! 8 bucks is a steal for this game. There are 10 worlds with about 5 stages per world. The bosses are very cool since they are very different from each other some may be an octopus blocking the ball with its legs or it might be a clock that rebuilds it self. It is very addictive game that any ps3 owner should buy....

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A very short review of Shatter 0

Did you enjoy playing Arkanoid of one of it's many clones ? Do you like electronic music ? Will spending 8$ on a game prevent you from eating tomorrow ?  those are the only questions you should ask yourself before purchasing this great downloadable game that take a new spin on the arkanoid formula. The closest comparison is what Geometry Wars did with the classic "twin stick shooter" games.  Unfortunately there is no multiplayer modes in this game and it does no have a demo available.  5/5...

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Shatter - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comShatter is a Playstation Network exclusive downloadable game, that is very much the Pong of the future, only lacking holograms.  For $7.99 you are certainly getting your moneys worth out of this brick breaker. Story: Your a sci-fi super futuristic….paddle….shield..thing……with a super laser needle gun Presentation: Shatter reminds me alot of Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360.  It has a similar aesthetic, but not as plain.  You bounce a glowing yellow “...

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Sucking and blowing in a Breakout clone, huh? 0

  Shatter is a critically-aclaimed Breakout-styled game, with some extra little additions, released by Sidhe on the PlayStation Store. The idea of the game is quite simple. You've got a stage, add some bricks, essence of paddle, and a pinch of balls, and you have the basic premise of Breakout-style games. However what sepeates Shatter from the other brick-breaking games is that there are some additions here which can change the gameplay immensely. Firstly, you've got a "suck" and "blow" mech...

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Breaking through the bricks 0

  Reviving old and forgotten genres of games seems to be the new thing as of late. We have Geometry Wars reviving the duel-stick shooter genre, Braid and Trine bringing back 2D platformers and well… whatever other old lost genre. Shatter is the newest attempt at this, with Sidhe Interactive attempting to bring back the long forgotten and dormant brick-breaking genre. Some of you may remember past games like Breakout and Arkanoid being major games in this genre. So how does Shatter hold up?    Sh...

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