Anyone bought/will buy this game?

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I really enjoyed what I played during the free weekend, and am thinking of buying this game. I wanted to know if any giantbombers are also thinking of picking up Shattered Horizon, especially people from the Giantbomb BFBC2 community. Let me know so we can hop in a game together.

#2 Posted by jmrwacko (2537 posts) -

Oh and by the way, upon buying the game, I got guest passes to let Steam friends try out the full game for 3 days, so if you missed the free weekend let me know if you want a guest pass.

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  @jmrwacko: I picked up the game over the weekend.  I really like it but can't help but think what a full game with sp levels built around this fps system could be like.  I'm in the UK though so might have some lag issues if you're state side.  My steam id is yanielliot, (at least I think it is) if you wanna play sometime.

#4 Posted by Jackel2072 (2510 posts) -

so boys hows the game treating you? thinking about picking it up in the next few weeks

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Just went on sale for Steams' daily deal, anyone still playing it???

#6 Posted by Cloudenvy (5878 posts) -

@davidbelmont said:

Just went on sale for Steams' daily deal, anyone still playing it???

Some servers are a bit populated again due to the sale, just played a 6v6 game.

It seems like a decent game.

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