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Don't get it unless you meet the requirements

I got this game for $15 on Steam. It is sort of like Counter Strike/Halo in space. You can turn and fly around in all directions, which means you have to look out for enemies above and below you. This is the coolest aspect of the game. I've never seen it before in an online shooter.

The graphics are amazing, but require Windows Vista or 7, because it uses DirectX10 only. Even then, you must have a powerful system to play the game. I'm using an 8800gtx (768mb) and an E6600 Duo Core (2.4ghz) processor, and I have to play it on the low graphical settings so it doesn't lag.

It takes a little while to get good and actually get some kills, you just have to learn how to shoot right. Just recently they added a new weapons pack, which replaced the single gun you used to fight with.

It gets frustrating when you are doing really good, then suddenly a guy comes out of nowhere from above and kills you. You didn't see him and had no idea he was coming for you. You will get owned over and over again by the people who play it 10 hours a day and know all the best hiding spots.

This game isn't worth buying a new $400 graphics card or processor for, don't get it unless you meet the requirements.

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