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The gun-for-hire known only as "SHE" is a mysterious enemy in Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World. A cold-blooded mercenary who uses a personal teleporter to get the drop on her enemies, SHE will even go so far as to murder her "allies" if they fail her even once. SHE is the main enemy to Kaptain Brawe, and is feared by many people. SHE shows up in the game for the first time on the planet Jama Spacea, where she vapourizes a Kriggs pirate named Danny for not having her cargo ready for transport. Later, she also murders his commanding officer, General Wrag, but fails to kill Kaptain Brawe before he can make off with the cargo (a pair of kidnapped alien scientists) when her ion blaster jams.
Late in the game, it is revealed that SHE isn't a woman at all, and is in fact Kaptain Brawe's one crew member, Ensign Yirszi Kralek. Kralek had taken to wearing his "cool villain costume" (he angrily denied the idea that it made him look like a woman, despite the breast-like armour plating and high heels) under his uniform, and used his personal teleporter to get to and from jobs whenever the easily distracted Kaptain Brawe wasn't paying attention. Brawe tricked him into getting held in place by an energy field, and then overrode his teleporter to send him to random coordinates in deep space, assuming it would kill him. In truth, it sent Kralek (embarrassing outfit and all) right into the heart of a penal colony on the planet Spacetralia, where Kralek loudly swears his revenge.

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