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full name: Shenlong

Voice by: Bill Sullivan (Bloody Roar 3), David Schaufele (Bloody Roar 4), Michael Bell (Bloody Roar: PF/EX)

Age: 31 (BR2) 32 (BR3/BR:PF/BR:EX) 33 (BR4)

Nationality: Nothing

Beast form: Tiger

Height: 179cm

Weight: 73kg

Occupation: Former leader of the ZLF, Bouncer

Likes: Uraban noise

Dislikes: Darkness

Ability plus: Shenlong gains the Power Block and Any Cancel B abilities.

Relationships: Long (cloned from)

Shen Long first appeared in Bloody Roar II. Because Long went into hiding,

Busuzima needed a leader that was strong enough to lead the army and

hold off on his own. So he cloned Long and Shen Long was created. He is

the culprit that kidnapped Uriko's mother, Mitsuko.

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