I got this today for $6

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I had Shenmue on the DC and a copy of this one with no voices that I never finished, but I never got a chance to try the official XBOX version. I had to do about 20 upgrades on my first load up, but I'm really glad it's working on the 360. Movement with the 360's d-pad pretty much sucks, but this game still impresses me completely - even after playing Yakuza and GTAIV.
I know there's not much of a chance of ever getting the third title, but these days I don't think it would be very hard for someone to just remake the whole trilogy on the 360 into one game with even more little stuff to interact with in each location and more job opportunities.

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what the hell, I'll post this here too just because it rules

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Dude, believe. Shenmue III WILL come. Maybe. (Not).

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oraknabo said:
"Changed my mind".
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I picked up a copy for about $4 a while back...I enjoyed it so much that I quickly got rid of it. Either #2 sucked, or the series doesn't really hold up.

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Ah Shenmue, how I long for your return.

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