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Try. This. Game. 0

Shenmue has to be one of the most overlooked games ever. Even though it's a masterful blend of RPG elements, action, free-roaming, mild puzzle-solving, and more, it's still not widely recognized. Sure you'll see it in pretty much all the "Top 100 Games of All Time" lists, but that doesn't help when no one knows what the hell it is. If you were to show someone a picture of Ryo, the name Shenmue would not pop into their head. Maybe something along the lines of "Why is this dude showing me a pictur...

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It shall appear from a far eastern land across the sea... 0

 Nearly three years have passed since Yu Suzuki's brainchild was first unveiled into the gaming world. Captivating the imaginations and countless hours of gamers across the planet, the first Shenmue game was a visually charged and powerful masterpiece; a game that had not been realized on consoles in recent years. It included an engrossing storyline, realistic graphics, charming and memorable characters, a city brimful with exploration, and more on top of that. To say the least, it was th...

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An amazing game in this truly epic series 0

Shenmue 2 has alot of positives and very little negatives+THE PROS+Yu sukie did it again as he has created an amazing story continue with a entirely different enviroment,cast of characters and new gameplay additions.The game adds several new additions to the gameplay and even more on the xbox version with picture mode allowing to take snapshots in game and adds lots of side games including betting,street fighting,more arcade games and side mission/jobs that involve a wealth of mini games.-NEGATI...

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