blazehedgehog's Shenmue (Dreamcast) review

I have three words: Must Find Sailors

 Shenmue is a very divisive game for many gamers who have played it. On one hand, you have a group of people who declare that the game’s slow, methodical pace makes it a chore to play. On the other hand, you have a group of people who proudly declare it’s methodical pace as the entire reason the game is so engrossing – that it really helps draw the player in with a daunting level of realism. Regardless of what opinion you may have on the game, there’s no denying that Shenmue tried to do a lot of things that most games at the time did not even dare to attempt, some of which games today have still yet to explore. It is for this reason that Shenmue will always be remembered. So, journey back with me to November 29th, 1986, in Yokosuka, Japan…

Posted by Gump

That was the most in-depth video review of Shenmue I've ever seen. Well done!
Loved every bit of it!

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