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Shenmue for the Dreamcast was a revolution in gaming at the time of its release in 2000  . It combined the action genre with RPG elements and new form of game play called "FREE" ( Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment ), with a story on a par and scale with a Hollywood movie script. Not straight to the bottom shelf of your local video store fare, but A-class blockbuster movie standard. The game was designed in Sega's AM2 department being written, produced and directed by Yu Suzuki over a period of years before its Dreamcast release. The game cost a rumored 100 million dollars to produce and distribute worldwide. Back then and even now that is a ridiculous amount of money for production of a game!

The game centers on the character Ryo whose father is killed by Chinese mafia men at the start of the game. why were they after an ancient artifact called the Dragon Mirror? Why did they murder his father? Who are the shadowy men from across the sea in china that orchestrated the killing? Ryo must find out and avenge his fathers death, and bring them all to justice!

This game is chapter one of the story, Shenmue two came out in 2002 on the Dreamcast and later on XBOX. Chapter three is rumored to be completed but it has not been released on any console or PC and may never see the light of the day!

Shenmue is a truly amazing game and should be played by all, at least once. We are talking about gaming history here folks. It set new standards in video game story telling and still looks amazing today and has fantastic score (music to the philistines).




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