Anyone getting shift 2?

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So I know NFS Shift was pretty weak but after watching some of the previews for the sequel I must say this game looks amazing. But I know the history, I know that the NFS franchise, save for Hot Pursuit (2010), has been garbage for the last 5 years or so and it's making me question this decision. I don't want to get duped, and not to mention that Dirt3 is coming out too and that's a day 1 purchase for me. 
Are there people out there who loved NFS Shift? Who's getting it and who's not? What will the reviews be like? Was Hot Pursuit the resurgence of NFS? Why are there only 3 topics on this forum?

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I never played Shift, but the sequel looks really amazing.  I'm definitely getting it.  The only problem is it's not on Steam yet... so I'm kind of worried because I don't want to have to buy it from the EA store... 

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A bunch of the Forza Race Night guys, myself included, are probably going to get Shift 2. The track selection is quite good, and it seems the physics have improved decently from the first Shift. I enjoyed playing it at PAX East, and that's good enough for me.
Just...not much to say about it, I guess.

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hmm... I'm thinking of just buying Shift 2 from the EA store, so does anyone have experience with the EA download manager?  Is it a heavy program to keep running?  Also can I download the game as many times as I want like Steam?

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I thought the controls in the first Shift game was horrible.  Everything wanted to drift around corners.  I might try this new one.

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it looks pretty neat, but i'll wait until a price drop. 
also, i had no idea that this game was even coming out soon. where's the marketing for it? i haven't seen anything 

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I enjoyed Hot Pursuit(It had it's problems but overall I liked it), but the fact that they included an unskippable trailer for Shift 2 in the game has killed any thoughts of purchasing a title from EA again.

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It seems that there has been little hype to this at all. I didn't even realize it comes out tomorrow.
@blacklabeldomm: The shift series is developed by different developers than the main NFS series. I think they've made Shift a spin-off.

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@FrankCanada97:  who is the "main" developer for NFS? Are the Shift 1 guys and gals the same people who made Carbon and undercover or whatever those where?
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I liked Shift, and I want to get the new one, but I think I'm just going to wait on Dirt 3.

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I guess I'm in the minority in really liking the first Shift?  Actually pretty stoked for this game, but being it a NFS game I had to go the rental route.  Just can't  trust them not to completely screw the pooch with any given game, heh.

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@blacklabeldomm said:

" @FrankCanada97:  who is the "main" developer for NFS? Are the Shift 1 guys and gals the same people who made Carbon and undercover or whatever those where? "

The Shift series was developed by Slightly Mad Studios composed of developers that worked on the hardcore GTR sim racing series. The guys that made Carbon and Undercover (among other low quality NFS titles recently) was EA Black Box. Criterion developed Hot Pursuit.
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I want a sequel to Pro Street.  
Why do people shit on that game it was dope. 

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I loved the first game so I'm buying it. Unfortunately I have a ton of school work ,but I might try to get it next week if I have some time.

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I got it, and so far I'm loving it. Has the Autolog from Hot Pursuit in it, and the first-person camera mode is great.

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First thing I thought when i saw this thread 

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