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 Shifu is a rare Chinese panda from Asia. He originally found a baby Ty Lung, and decided to take him in as his son. When the boy showed promise in fighting, Shifu went to the extreme to training the boy to become the first Dragon Warrior. However, when Shifu's master saw darkness in Ty Lung's heart - Ty Lung soon destroyed the valley. When he came to take the dragon scroll by force, Shifu had to stop him. But, he couldn't stop something he had already created. This left Shifu's master to stop him; and he succeeded.
Currently, he has trained all five members of the furious five, and doesn't want to grow close to someone because of his failure to realize the darkness in Ty Lung's heart. Now when Po came along; whom loved Kung Fu. His master said that Po was the dragon warrior, but Shifu and the furious five didn't believe the grand master's choice. As Shifu tried to make Po leave the temple, they thought they had succeeded in making Po leave, but with the words of the grand master Po stayed. When the furious five tried to stop Ty Lung by themselves; they were taken down easy and came back to Po and Shifu hurt bad. 
With Po have been training with Shifu, Po finally took the dragon scroll and saw it to be blank. He soon realized that there isn't no special thing that needs to be learned, it's just the warrior! Soon enough Po was fighting Ty Lung and had to defeat him; which he succeeded. With Shifu finally at peace, the Valley of Peace had nothing to worry about. For now... 

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