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Shifu is a scientist that modified all of the cyborg girls Suguri has faced in SUGURI. Able to control the wills of his creations he ordered them to eliminate any life that can oppose him on earth causing the "little war" to start. During dialog with Suguri, Shifu says "I wanted subordinates that would and could do whatever I told them" showing his evil nature. Shifu probably isn't a normal human since the game does elude that the cyborg girls have lived an abnormally long time. He doesn't seem to posses any special abilities for combat and pilots a mech to fight Suguri.

Attacks in SUGURI

  • Multiple seeking missile shots
  • Energy based bullet spread
  • Massive energy beam cannon that fires directly or does a full screen sweep
  • Multiple bombs
  • Multiple seeking pod attack
  • Multiple pod energy based bullet spreads
  • Punch attack with mech's fists
  • Beam fired from head that rotates along the entire screen
  • Multiple rocks falling from environment

Attacks in Acceleration Of SUGURI

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