Nintendo Grooming Miyamoto's Potential Sucessor

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During a Q&A session, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata was asked whether Nintendo were grooming new talent as potential successors to Shigeru Miyamoto.
Certainly, when it comes to identifying and verbalizing some of the important major findings, few people can easily succeed him. For example, few people other than Shigeru Miyamoto can declare that weighing yourself everyday must be fun for everyone. However, the fact that Nintendo software is always full of unique and fun ideas attest to the fact that there are many good game creators at Nintendo. Together with Shigeru Miyamoto, all of them have been making what are called Nintendo software. So, I have never thought that we have not fostered game creators at the company.
- Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata

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Nintendo's clone army of Miyamotos should be nearly complete with all the printing of money and all.

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I hate the Willy Wonka remake, I thought it was bollocks.

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There can only be one, so I think many will take on the challenge.

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Scooper said:
I hate the Willy Wonka remake, I thought it was bollocks.
Amen, brother.

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