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Shikanosuke is the first child of his family. His biological father passed away when he was 5 years old and Shikanosuke has no memory of him. Yuko is his younger sister. Chie is his childhood friend and is very close to his family. Murakami is his best friend and tennis partner. Shikanosuke dresses in drag to play in the band due to circumstances beyond his control.

Shikanosuke has had a bad experience with dressing in drag and did everything in his power to avoid it. Eventually he has gotten used to it and even learned several things about being a girl. He calls himself 'Shikako' while dressed in drag. He tries his best to not talk while in drag which would give him away. Shikanosuke in drag is described as being the most attractive among the bandsmen.

Early Life

Shikanosuke's early life was briefly mentioned on Chie's path and explained in detail on Sarina's path.

Shikanosuke's biological father left the family before Shikanosuke was born. His mother married Shikanosuke's father's best friend. When Shikanosuke was 5 years old, he attended his father's funeral. He was told that he looked very much like his father.

Shikanosuke's father's side treats him very well which makes him feel like a stranger to them. He also noticed that that caused his sister Yuko to feel left out.

Tennis career

Shikanosuke started playing tennis during junior high. He was interested in hitting balls and he joined the tennis club though he was non-committal. Later at Ohbi high school, he joined the tennis club again. Ohbi's tennis club was very serious. Initially Shikanosuke didn't like it but he decided to try experiencing being wholly committed to something.

Shikanosuke's girlfriend
Shikanosuke's girlfriend

He met Murakami during their first year and they formed a strong pair. They worked well together at playing their strengths and covering the other's weakness. They were also the first ever pair of first year students to compete in a tournament. They almost qualified for the national level multiple times but they were always defeated by the same pair.

During his second year, he met his girlfriend when they played against her school. Shikanosuke then became obsessed with defeating the nigh-invincible pair. His obsession took a toll on his health and he decided to quit tennis. His girlfriend also left him near the end of the winter break. At the start of his third year, Chie returned to Ohbi. She invited him to the Second Literature Club.

First drag experience

Masayuki kissing Shikanosuke
Masayuki kissing Shikanosuke

During Shikanosuke's first year at Ohbi, the tennis club held an exhibition where everyone dressed in drag. Shikanosuke was disturbed because he attracted attention from a lot of guys who mistook him for a real girl. He decided to hide away behind a building. Masayuki followed him and kissed him. Shikanosuke was shocked into speechlessness and ran away. Masayuki declared his love for him.

Kira Kira


Shikanosuke met Kirari at Taishou Restaurant on her first day of work there. He guided her on doing her job.

That Saturday, STAR GENERATION visited the restaurant for their after-party. 2 drunk men got into a fight with them and Shikanosuke attempted to break up the fight. He got knocked out by one of the drunk men. Later, Tonoya apologized to him and gave him and Kirari tickets to their next performance. Tonoya also praised his tennis skills.

Shikanosuke and Kirari were inspired by STAR GENERATION's performance. Yagihara also apologized to Shikanosuke and praised his tennis skills. Shikanosuke promised Kirari to play as a band during the school festival.

Chapter 1: Anarchy at the School


Shikanosuke met Sarina at the club's meeting. She revealed that she recognized him as a tennis player.

Shikanosuke chose to play the bass. He requested Murakami to get him a bass guitar. Murakami fished one out of the trash. Shikanosuke was greatly upset and Murakami wrote and misspelled 'Sfender' on it in an attempt to make Shikanosuke feel better.

During summer, Japan experienced a lot of rain. Sarina suggested that they practice at her house. Chie suggested that Shikanosuke dress in drag to be allowed into Sarina's house.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

At the night of the school festival, his ex-girlfriend sent him a message congratulating him on his successful performance. The following days, the girls of the band became famous while Shikanosuke was mostly forgotten.

Later when the Second Literature Club band performed at STAR GENERATION's 5th year anniversary, Masayuki sent Shikanosuke flowers declaring his love to him and revealed that he had attended the school festival.

At Music Farm at Nagoya, the live house owner was upset to find out that Shikanosuke was actually a guy. He told Shikanosuke to dress in drag for the entirety of the tour to maintain the advertised image of the Second Literature Club band as an all-girl band. At the after-party, Shikanosuke was interviewed by a reporter for an indie music magazine. The other bands also revealed that the owner of Music Farm, nicknamed 'Kitagawa', is rumored to be gay and preyed on young men.

Masayuki confesses his feelings for Shikanosuke
Masayuki confesses his feelings for Shikanosuke

On the way to Uzumasa Movie Village, Masayuki expressed his desire to meet Shikanosuke and chased him to Uzumasa. There, Kirari dressed Shikanosuke as a princess for the band tour blog. Masayuki showed up dressed as a Shinsengumi officer and chased Shikanosuke around the place. Eventually, Shikanosuke decided to confront Masayuki and revealed the truth.

At Osaka, Tomo pulled Shikanosuke aside and asked him about his dressing in drag. She assumed that the girls are bullying him. Shikanosuke explained the situation and she asked for his phone number. The day after their successful performance, Shikanosuke returned to the live house to look for the guitar pick he threw at the audience earlier. Tomo attempted to seduce him. Regardless of the player's choice, she revealed that she has a boyfriend. She then guided the band on their tour on either Kirari, Chie, or Sarina's path.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

First Stage

Shikanosuke dropped Yuko off at Ohbi before going to look for a job.

Second Stage

Shikanosuke has been working as a salary man. Five years after the events of Kira Kira, Shikanosuke met Murakami and advised him to follow his own path.

The Second Literature Club band's final performance
The Second Literature Club band's final performance

The day before Happy Cycle Mania's 5th year anniversary, Shikanosuke and Chie confirmed that Kirari and Sarina will be able to attend the event. Murakami suggested that they perform during the event.

Yuko saw Shikanosuke off and he met Kirari at the train station. Kirari listed Shikanosuke as "Shikako" and he was dismayed at the prospect of having to cross-dress again after so many years. Sarina ordered his costume and Murakami noted that Shikanosuke looked as though he hasn't aged since 5 years ago. Shikanosuke still kept his rotten bass guitar after all those years too.


Shikanosuke uses a white colored Fender Precision Bass.


  • Shikanosuke's band costume features the same hat that is present in his sister, Yuko's band costume.

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