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Shin Kazama is the protagonist of the military manga Area 88. He is a young pilot that had his life set with a promising career as a commercial airline pilot for Yamato Airlines and a beautiful girlfriend, Ryoko Tsugumo; the daughter of the Yamato Airlines CEO. However, his closest friend, Satoru Kanzaki, tricks him into joining the foreign legion of a middle eastern kingdom known as Aslan as a means to further his own selfish ambitions. Forced into military combat as a fighter pilot, Shin's only desire is to earn enough money through his work in the foreign legion to buy out his contract and return home.

In U.N. Squadron

Shin appears as one of three playable characters in U.N. Squadron; a localized version of the arcade and SNES title Area 88. In U.N. Squadron, Shin's name and appearance are unchanged, but the game does not reference the Area 88 storyline directly.

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