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In a much-improved retelling of the original Koihime Musou title, Kazuto Hongo is once again (for the first time) flung into ancient China during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era. Shin Koihime Musou is not the same game, however, and plays out much differently due to the introduction of new characters and a changed role for the temporally-displaced protagonist.

Changes to the Series

There are some crucial differences between the original Koihime Musou title and this reimagined entry in the series. First and foremost, the player character no longer takes on the role of Ryuubi (better known in Chinese as Liu Bei of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and the central character from the Dynasty Warriors series). Instead, Ryuubi is represented by an entirely new character named "Ryuubi" that has been inserted front and center into the box art, and should instantly be familiar to fans of the Shin Koihime Musou anime series.

With Ryuubi taking over leadership roles for the Shu faction, the player character finally has some choice and a selection of factions he can ally himself with in multiple campaigns. In addition to Shu, he can also assist Go or Gi (or Wu and Wei, respectively). He is still regarded as a "Messenger from Heaven" by whichever faction initially discovers him. His choice of faction ultimately decides who he ends up with at the end of the game.

Combat also has taken a turn for the better, introducing more complexity to combat, and even adding navel battles.

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