This Game Has Been Dis-Continued

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So I went to the local Gamestop (( EB Games Here)) looking for a copy of Devil Summoner. I go up, ask the dude if they have any, and apparently it's been dis-continued. No more store copies of Devil Summoner. At least in Canada anyway. That is a serious shame, but I'm not surprised.  ='(

(( On a side-note, I totally saw a sealed copy of Devil Summoner on Jeff's desk, and I will pay high for it. ))

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That sucks, but i'm sure there are Gamestops in Canada, I've seen one in Toronto.

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I feel sorry that you had to ask for it...
You: "Hey do you have a copy of  Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summon-- *catches breath* er 2- Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon?"
Employee: "Uhhh, say that again?  and spell it out for me as I type it into the computer"
You: "FUUUUU-"

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I doubt they produced too many of them.  They did put a Raiho plush in there.

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A little insight on Atlus for folks who don't know how they work:

As a small company, they print a very low number of copies for games right off the bat.  If it proves to sell quite a bit, they'll print more copies.  Otherwise, they don't typically make too many of their games.  Whenever I was reviewing games, they would send "trade demos", which was basically a small white paper case with an almost fully blank disc labeled with the stock Stencil font saying "Trade Demo" and what game it was.  It was the full version of the game, but it did not have the booklet, the packaging, any of that stuff.  The only time we ever got a full-on game with packaging and such was when they were kind enough to send us a Deluxe Box edition of Digital Devil Saga 2.

Otherwise, I still have Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and ChoroQ in Trade Demo form at the house.  =  D

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I was fortunate enough to  find a used copy  of DS1 n excellent condition at game spot for 20 $
They also had DS2 but I didn't have enough for it.

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