Ten minutes of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers gameplay

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The Japanese release of the 3DS remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is coming up at the end of the month, and a ten minute video showing off various aspects of the game, from the combat and exploration to the fusion system and presentation, has been posted to Youtube. Take a look at this sucker:

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I'm really hoping that this gets announced for North American localization soon.

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Seeing this makes me regret the fact that every attempt I've made to either learn Japanese or brute force my way through games with a translation dictionary has ended in miserable failure. Atlus, I swear I'll buy upwards of 10 copies and give them out as holiday gifts as well as guides if you put those out. I did it with Tactics Ogre and I'll do it again.

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Looks cool. I'd get a copy if it were to be localized.

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Man, I'm diggin' the cheesy summoning animation.

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@Hailinel said:

The Japanese release of the 3DS remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is coming up at the end of the month

Technically, it's one day before the end of the month, because Japan likes to toy with me. (It comes out on my birthday is what I'm saying.)

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#6 Posted by Eirikr (1083 posts) -

I've been trying to resist watching this...but I couldn't. My body is ready for a vision quest or three.

And I'm calling it: Kirk Thornton as Victor in the English localization.

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