Any rough ideas of length?

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So I bought this game today to play on vacation for the ride on my vacation when I'm not driving, and on some of my more down moments. I was wondering how long it might take the average fellow to complete this game? I'm getting a worrisome feeling that it might be shorter than I had planned on. (I didn't expect to beat it on vacation, but I might get further than planned.)

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It's been a little while, but I believe I finished it slightly under 25 hours, and that was playing a lot of extra battles. I thought it was going to be a lot longer as while, hence me grinding a bunch of those extra battles.

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For one playthrough? I'm pretty sure it took me about 35-40 hours, but I believe some paths might be longer than others.

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@Apathylad: Was that to get the 'true' ending? Just curious

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@Molenator85 Did you just skip all the text? I'm at about 25 hours starting day 6 (of 8)
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@EarlessShrimp is a pretty good site to find out how long it takes to beat a game.
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@Hunkulese: That 15 should have been 25, my bad.

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