Should i start on easy?

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Hey duders just wondering if i should go in on normal like i do most games or switch to easy.  I have played alot of jrpg's but never really played a strategy jrpg (i think thats what it's called) like fire emblem or final fantasy tactics before so was just kinda wondering if i should start with easy since im new to this kinda game.

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If you're already having doubts about the difficulty then I think you should play easy. I've played the original version on Normal and I thought that was a good challenge level bar the occasional spike in one or two areas. It's not a complex game as it looks really. But yeah, might as well play easy.

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Normal isn't too bad, and there's ample opportunity to grind via Free Battles if you need to.

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When I played it on the DS I couldn't even finish the game. So I would go with easy.

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I went with easy and did a decent job throughout most of the game with a fe3w rough patches. However, the final battle was ridiculous. Normal would be fine until the end so I'd just stick with easy mode.

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i played the original a few months ago and had no problems until the final boss, which i still have not beat,

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If you've ever played tactics advanced Its similar to that.

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Normal is fine. There will be a few battles that will require more thinking to win, but that can always be offset by grinding a few levels and fusing new demons.

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#9 Posted by SpaceRunaway (936 posts) -

If you have no experience with this genre, do not play on normal.  There are challenging bits even if you're not a stranger to these sorts of games.

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