Undocumented "Save State" trick during battles "suspend"

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I just wanted to let anyone else know this who is playing this game as this is something that really helps during battles if you are playing the game on normal (the game is quite hard on normal).

On the Nintendo DS version; suspend would send you to the title screen when you select it during battles. In the manual for this game, it even says it still does that.

Well, it actually doesn't. Selecting Suspend during the battle on the Nintendo 3DS version will save game state, and just bring you back to the menu again in the battle. It will not boot you back to the Title Menu like on the Nintendo DS version. You can save your current state in the battle.

Whether this is a bug or not I am not sure, but suspend DOESN'T send you to the title screen. This means that you can save the game throughout the battle and if one of your characters die or something happens you don't like during the battle, you can reset the game and just resume where you suspended.

This is similar to "save state" on emulators. This will save you a lot of headache of having to reset the game and start all over again from your last regular save game.

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@Sphinxks: Cool to know, thanks. I hadn't tried it because as you said, in the manual it says it suspends your game, and I hadn't needed to quit partway through a battle as of yet. Being able to use it as a quicksave is super useful though.

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