About Abyss of Time. *spoilers*

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I can't believe I didn't save..fricken page crash.
Anyway, I was wondering in the answer what level do you start out at, is it the level you left off with? Like, If I get my team to level 90's for Nyx fight and for Elizabeth (yes I know Elizabeth fight is just for the main, but this isn't the point XP) and then I proceed to the Answer will the level's be the same?
I hear this was supposed to be hard but so hard (and an ass) to reset me back to possibly level 5 makes me cringe on the inside.

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In Answer I believe you start as level 20 regardless of your stats in the Journey. I don't think those are connected like that in any way. But plot wise the Answer is just after the ending of Journey.

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@eldiax:  ugh... that kinda sucks.

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