Going to start this for the first time... any last minute tips?

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#51 Posted by biggiedubs (497 posts) -

I just wiped on the boss from nowhere after the most boring final boss fight I've ever experienced. Fuck this.

I was actually kinda hyped for the ending, what with the 30 days before it, but making me chug up a few floors of fights then have a the essentially the same fight as I did in the last big event, then chug up a few more floors and repeat another fight I've already done before, really bums me out. It's just boring.

All tension and expectation was killed by forcing me to do more of what I've already done for 70 hours when you've just told me 'it's time for the final boss fight, guys!' You don't do that! You just don't! Reward me with new stuff, I made it to the end! Then there's the boss fight....bleh.

You also don't make me have to suffer even more of the same bullshit dialogue that I've suffered the whole game, but that's another point entirely.

#52 Posted by Metalisticpain (71 posts) -

@The_Great_Time_Muffin: Yukiko is kinda like a real person TBH. She has trouble dealing with all the issues. Some people like her because of this and some do not. Shes not plucky and saucy. She can be depressing but I personally found her characterization to be great. Especially during the Answer.

Mitsuru, Junepei are good. Junpei surprised me. he can get angry with you and stuff.

Akihiko is ok, standard gotta be tougher etc.

Fuuka's voice is annoying. Shinji is cool, I liked. Ken was kinda annoying but got better in the answer. Koro is awesome cause hes Koro and Aigis is also pretty awesome :)

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