Mitsuru Ultimate Weapon

#1 Posted by Knave (663 posts) -

Persona 3: FES. Everyone says it's Skadi, but when i try fusing it into a weapon i get random junk. Did it change in FES or does Skadi have to be a certain level?

#2 Posted by Knave (663 posts) -

Bump :(.

#3 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

It's Snow Queen Whip, I forget what you fuse to get it.
It should be 450 attack.

#4 Posted by Knave (663 posts) -

Yeah, everyone says it's Skadi, but all i get is random weapons, not Snow Queen Whip.

#5 Posted by Catolf (2788 posts) -

Alilat is also an option.

#6 Posted by Knave (663 posts) -

I can't make that guy. Do i have to be max social link with her in order to make the weapon?

#7 Posted by Bigheart711 (1272 posts) -
@Knave: In order to fuse Alilat, you'll need to max out Mitsuru's social Link first, then you can be able to get him. However, the more powerful weapon is for Skadi, which is confirmed as her Ultimate Weapon.

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