Persona 3 FES ending (Mild Spoilers)

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What did you think of the good ending of the Journey? Did you like it? What was your interpretation of it? 
For me it just sucked, compared to the rest of the game. The main character is supposed to die, so what are those final three days (including graduation day)? A dream, or did he suffer from a degenerative disease that killed him after a month? No explanation is given for it.  
It feels so disconnected... Well, that's what we get for a philosophical ending. 

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I assume you mean the pre FES ending (I think?). I actually liked it for reasons I just almost spoiled while typing this as I have no idea if you have finished FES or not. 
FES answered any questions I had, the exact reason for the graduation day scene put a tear in my honestly.

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@Zenaxzd said:

" I assume you mean the pre FES ending (I think?). I actually liked it for reasons I just almost spoiled while typing this as I have no idea if you have finished FES or not.  FES answered any questions I had, the exact reason for the graduation day scene put a tear in my honestly. "

I finished the Journey. Yep, pre-FES.  
It felt like it missed some explanation. i liked it, but it doesn't bode well rationaly. Does the Answer explain the ending better?
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@Jeust: No, not really.  The Answer is unnecessary and tedious.  I would highly recommend forgetting it exists.  As far as the main game, it's been awhile since I played it.  What exactly are you not understanding?
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@EvilTwin: Supposedly the main character dies and seals Nyx. But then you are transported to a time a month after, where you can visit and interact with the other characters as the main. And it all ends with him closing his eyes in the lap of Aegis, as his companions rush towards him. 
So he died right after Nyx or got a degenerative desease that killed him after a month? Or was it a dream?
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@Jeust: For me, The Answer answered all my questions and yes it does explain the graduation scene better. However, like the above poster says The Answer really sucks, all it contains is the dungeon crawling part of the game with a few cutscenes here and there. However, I found the last few hours of it to be amazing.
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@Jeust: They made a promise to meet together on graduation day if defeating Nyx did erase their memories. He used the last of his willpower to seal Nyx but kept enough "life/power/energy/whatever" to keep his promise to his friends, once they arrived he had depleted the rest of his energy and died. 
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@Zenaxzd: Hum hum. That should have been in the Journey. Without it, it doesn't make much sense.
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The ending to The Journey was great. Obviously sad verging on depressing, and maybe a little confusing (it took me awhile to figure out exactly what just happened), but its pretty awesome. That and the general tone of the game are among the reasons I tend to like P3 over P4.
They kind of shat on that with The Answer, breaking the characters to contrive a little more gameplay. In the end, I just watched the highlights of it on Youtube, because even the gameplay was stupid difficult and repetitive beyond measure. I'd rather wrap my mind around some of the things that seem like missing plot points than to go through that.

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@Jeust said:
" @Zenaxzd: Hum hum. That should have been in the Journey. Without it, it doesn't make much sense. "
I believe they wanted it to be somewhat inferred. The Answer doesn't really explain that point exactly, I actually read around on various message boards/wikis to fully understand the entire thing.
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I loved the ending of the journey, I thought it was a very fitting end to that game. And I have yet to play the answer yet.

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@AndrewB said:
" breaking the characters to contrive a little more gameplay "
Huh?  I think the only character that was acting strangely in The Answer was Mitsuru.  What she did didn't fit her character at all.
I don't remember the details too well, but I'm pretty sure they explained why no one remembered the main character in the ending of the Journey.  And it's also explained why the main character dies in the Answer.  The Answer does clear up some stuff that happened before, but like others have said, it's pretty tedious.  I managed to get through it anyways.  It also delves in some themes that are heavily explored in Persona 4 (The Shadow within oneself with Metis/Aigis).
What really surprised me was that the MC actually died in the end of the Journey.  I innocently thought he simply fell asleep on Aigis' lap before that...
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@FluxWaveZ: Yep, but the game fails to show how and when he really died. Did he died when Nyx spoke of him for the last time, or did he died on Aegis lap?
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@Jeust: He definitely died on Aigis' lap.  Wait, why would you think differently?  There was no dream sequence or anything...
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@FluxWaveZ: Because Nyx tells of how the main character understood the meaning of life, and how aegis would one day too. The meaning of life means also death.  And with all the weird things coming around, like the main character floating to Nyx, seems pretty far fetched for him to come back. 
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@FluxWaveZ: Believe it or not one of my good friends couldn't figure out the MC was dead at the end of the Journey, confused me as well since I thought it was fairly obvious. Also the whole Mitsuru acting out of character thing in The Answer is explained by herself (which I am sure you may remember, I am just pointing it out).
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@Jeust: It was explained by Ryoji that after the coming of Nyx, no one would remember what had happened before.  I mean, the whole city had woken up from their floating tombs when Nyx arrived and every person living on Port Island would have seen the battle.  And Nyx is not the one who said that finding the meaning to life = death, it was Igor in the Velvet Room before the final confrontation.  That's what made the MC realize what he had to do when his team was getting dominated by Nyx, and so he floated like the messiah he was into the heart of Nyx to face it's true form.  With the support of his maxed social links backing him up, it was believed he defeated Nyx itself.
Skip ahead and everyone has forgotten what happened, just like Ryoji foretold, except for the MC himself and Aigis.  
I'm going to spoil The Answer for you, but the MC died because his spirit was literally being pulled and damaged.  He didn't actually defeat Nyx, as it turned out, and therefore manifested his spirit into a statue to prevent it from ever returning to the world.  But humanity, forgetting what had happened, continued down the path of darkness (basically humans are ungrateful, liars, bitter and wish for death subconsciously) and it became so significant that a huge ass shadow monster was formed: Erebus.  Erebus was the one who broke the MC's spirit-manifested-into-a-statue apart, as humanity called out to it so strongly.
Furthermore, Aigis does discover the true meaning of life during The Answer, and she does "die".  But, as it turns out, she just becomes a "real girl", making the mechanical part of her die.
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@FluxWaveZ: I love spoilers! That's a nice wrap-up. 
But Nyx also talks about the main character knowing the meaning of life.  
In the end it's a weak ending for a main game.
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@Jeust: I actually liked the ending quite a bit.  Especially the whole climax of the final ascent through Tartarus, that was freaking awesome.
And on the Persona 3 / Persona 4 tangent, don't you guys think that Persona 3 FES' Blind Alley sounds like Persona 4's Signs of Love?

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@Jeust said:

" @Zenaxzd: Hum hum. That should have been in the Journey. Without it, it doesn't make much sense. "

That is in The Journey, and I had no problem at all following the ending of Persona 3 long before I ever touched The Answer.  I'm not sure how there was any confusion at the end. 
Your also one of the rare people I've ever seen have a negative reaction to  the end of P3.  It generally has a very positive reception by people.
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@ChrisTaran: For me it didn't explain when he died, right after Nyx - as Nyx itself sugested when saying that "he had understood the meaning of life" - or a month later on graduation day, and if he died a month later, why that happened?  
He seemed fine the day before... :p 
It seems a intellectual ending where some parts - plot holes - are left to the imagination and comprehension of the player.   
Being that the ending of Persona 3, excluding the Answer, would leave a sour taste on my experience. After a great experience with awesome cutscenes and a involving story, having such a disconnected ending is disappointing. 
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I loved the ending. It's my favorite part of the game. After all the work and connecting with all your team members so much, it feels like the game's way of saying goodbye to it all. It may have been vague, but I couldn't have been more satisfied.

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